My Top 20 Favourite Cures For Pain: Effective Non-drug Strategies, Vitality Magazine

Looking for long-term pain relief without chemical drug dependency? In this November 20, 2018 Vitality Magazine article (13 minute read), “My Top 20 Favourite Cures For Pain: Effective Non-drug Strategies”, by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc., one can learn about some of nature’s best anti-inflammatory and pain-relief remedies. Dr. Rona recommends finding the root cause of pain first, “If all other medical diagnoses have been ruled out, chronic unexplained aches and pains could be the result of hidden food intolerances”. The piece details some physical therapies that may be helpful along with many natural health products (NHPs), that work on inflammation and pain response mechanisms. “NHPs usually take from weeks to months to be fully effective for control of aches and pains. They are by no means a quick fix. The good news is that, unlike drugs, they have never killed anyone.”


Call for Volunteers at Western Canada Health Shows

We Need Your Help

NHPPA is excited to be partnering with The Health Shows in an effort to educate the public in Western Canada about the threats currently facing Natural Health Products. But, we need more help to get our message shared.

Can you help?

We are looking for volunteers in Victoria, Calgary, and Vancouver to work at The Health Shows in various capacities. We have outlined most of the details below.

For a look at the shows, check out the highlights video from Victoria

If you’re in these areas of Western Canada, and are interested being part of NHPPA’s work by volunteering your time, we want to hear from you!

There are two ways to express your interest:

  1. Call 1.519.648.2050 and ask for Julia Rickert
  1. Email with the Subject “Volunteer for Western Shows”. In your email please include: what show you are able to volunteer for and what dates and times you are available. Both days would be the ideal but we are open to the time you have to support.

Thank you in advance! We look forward to connecting with you.

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… and Delivered. NHPPA’s New Year Mailing to The Hill Completed Friday January 4, 2019

Last Friday, we completed our “Mailing to the Hill” where we sent 338 packages to MPs at their House of Commons office. We’re excited to kick-off a number of 2019 action campaigns, starting with some uncensored reading material! There are major changes coming into effect earlier next year that the public and Natural Health Product industry will see based on the consequences of disregard through a false sense of security and inaction. NHPPA believes that the conversation with MPs must ramp up.

Read complete details of the mailing, that includes a new letter to MPs from Shawn Buckley.


Remembering Nick Jerch

“I usually sit down in the New Year to think about what I would like to accomplish going forward. This year is no exception except that I began thinking less about what I would like to do and more about who I would like to be. That got me thinking about people who have made a difference to me because of who they were. One of the persons I thought about was Nick Jerch, the founder of Bell Lifestyle Products (“Bell”). Nick had never planned on selling natural products. He had established a business wholesaling sporting goods, when he became disabled with arthritis. Nothing prescribed by his doctors worked. He came across shark cartilage which cured him. He was so transformed that he felt he had to sell shark cartilage to help others. If any of you wondered why his shark cartilage was first sold in sporting goods stores instead of health food stores, now you know.

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Last Addition Before the Send

Almost there. NHPPA return address labels were the last addition to our 338 New Year Mailing to the Hill today. Read previous post for details. We’re set to drop off packages this Friday, January 4, 2019. We anticipate that MPs will know of the delivery but will they be moved to consider the issues? The likelihood of that is significantly increased when this initial send is followed up by yours, directly to their constituency offices. Be sure to subscribe to NHPPA and become part of our valued network so the campaign details are sent to your inbox. We’ll email your full MP package kit and steps-to-take next week!



NHPPA’s New Year Mailing to The Hill

We know we’re not doing trees any favours. But there is no way around it.

Physical mail still has the most significant amount of gravity. Especially when it arrives in volume. If electronic communications meant as much as paper, we’d be all over emails for a first round of sends to Ottawa. Will we send emails? Absolutely. But printed packages are going first.

NHPPA supporters may have read the Discussion Paper but most MPs have not. All MPs need support in working through why consumers, and those who produce, and practice with, natural health products are in the crosshairs.

A new letter to MPs, written by Shawn Buckley, along with the latest Discussion Paper is our first NHPPA direct delivery to all 338 Members of Parliament in 2019.

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Essential Oil Compounds Research in Cancer Treatment, GreenMedInfo

Pinterest may ban GreenMedInfo articles but NHPPA shares in solidarity. Sayer Ji’s work is dedicated to news and information about natural health.

The Christmas season brought attention to frankincense and mistletoe. Both have been studied in recent years and found to be effective against killing certain cancer cells, on their own, and as a support when used in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments. We found two (of many) articles circulating about some scientific research on the essential oil chemical constituents of these plants.


Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William A. Ward

It’s the digital age but our traditional selves decided to take the time and send handwritten Christmas cards, complete with little stocking postage stamps, to NHPPA’s significant supporters. Without their contributions we could not work as we do nor simply exist! Without the inspiration of consumers’ personal health stories, both good and bad, we would have little reason to recommit to our advocacy for natural health products and practitioners.

We are also immensely grateful for those of you across Canada who believe in what we do and make it a point to “like and share” our Facebook posts. We couldn’t send you a card but we see each and every one of your actions after we post and know you are there working NHPPA’s awareness in the online space!

Your support in 2018 has allowed us to have impact that gives legal, political and strategic insight to NHP manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and the public, while educating elected officials and running interference against Health Canada’s manufactured demands.

To everyone who supports NHPPA in every way – Thank You!

With gratitude and warmest wishes for good health and joy this holiday season!

Your NHPPA Team


Believe in Santa?

The conflict concerning how to regulate natural products flows from a conflict in beliefs. Any reaction to the current Health Canada proposals should be based on an understanding that the real problem is the prevailing belief. That you do not have the right to make personal health decisions and that the State (through its bureaucracy Health Canada) has the sole right to decide what treatments and information is available to you. The real battle is to change the belief governing our health policy.

Health Canada’s proposals, belief and your health freedom on pages 3 to 6 of Shawn Buckley’s latest Discussion Paper.