Assistance for Administrative Examinations | Shawn Buckley Explains

ASSISTANCE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE EXAMINATIONS In this fifteenth 1:33 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Section 17 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Assistance for Administrative Examinations.” This section sets the requirement for manufacturers to cooperate with the examinations, showing records and allowing access where necessary. This is imperative for an effective regulatory environment. Yet, this section of the Charter of Health Freedom presents a major difference as compared to the Food and Drug Act: specifically educating those being regulated about their rights. The Charter explicitly discloses that this subsection does not apply if an inspector is looking for evidence to convict you based on their opinion that you have committed an offense. It is critical to expect cooperation from manufacturers so that there is no grey area when it comes to access for inspectors, but this section also protects the Constitutional rights of the regulated parties.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. Stay tuned for the next clip in which Shawn will discuss how regulations will be determined under the Charter of Health Freedom.


Time for a Charter of Health Freedom Count

Indeed, there is strength in numbers. To rally together for an ideal. NHPPA is thrilled to see our solidarity surge! We have received envelopes postmarked from all corners of the country that contain signed Charter of Health Freedom petitions. The NHPPA team will be pulling focus this week to officially update our petition count, which at our last update in July 2018, was already sitting at 96,847. Our goal remains the same. Get the Charter of Health Freedom enacted as law. With every petition signature we receive our influence is strengthened. If you haven’t yet, start collecting petition signatures today!



How the Self Care Framework Will Impact Retailers and Consumers, Health & Wellness Retailer

New regulations force retailers to raise prices on natural health products. In this Spring 2019 commentary (3 minute read) by Health & Wellness Retailer, “How the Self Care Framework Will Impact Retailers and Consumers,” Shawn Buckley paints a picture of how Health Canada’s proposed new legislation threatens the wellness industry at the community level. The new regulations will dictate the products retailers can carry, the way they can talk about them, and the amount they will have to charge for them. Without the guidance of a practitioner guiding them toward useful, available and affordable natural remedies, customers will be pushed out of focus. Retailers, use your presence as a community hub to educate about the changes. Demand action from those who rely on access to the products in your store.



Examinations and Sampling | Shawn Buckley Explains

EXAMINATIONS AND SAMPLING In this fourteenth 1:04 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Sections 15 and 16 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Examination and Sampling.” These sections dictate the powers the Minister of Wellness would have to ensure individual natural health products and manufacturers are in compliance with the regulations outlined in the Charter. The Charter would give the Minister of Wellness jurisdiction over the regulation and safety of natural health products and other low-risk treatment modalities. As such, representatives from the Ministry of Wellness would be permitted to take samples, test products and see production facilities to confirm rules are being followed. These sections of the Charter of Health Freedom equip the Ministry of Wellness with inspection capabilities that nearly match those laid out in the Food and Drug Act. To regulate products effectively, the regulatory body must be able to obtain relevant information.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. Next, we will see Shawn discuss Section 17, Assistance for Administrative Examinations.


MP Postcard Action Campaign | #doyouwantmyvote

Thousands are being sent to MPs. How do we know? We have stores and clinics across the country flooding our inbox to request bundles of hundreds. They’ve reported back that customers and clients are filling them out and sending. Direct, intentional, sustained action is the only recourse we have to push back against the Self-Care Framework being implemented by Health Canada. Get a postcard at participating health food stores across the country or print one yourself!



Christopher Walken to Star in Upcoming Movie on Farmer Who Battled Monsanto, AltHealth Works

We know where NHPPA will be on opening night! Currently in production in Winnipeg, Canada, the upcoming film ‘Percy’ is scheduled to be released some time in 2019, with Oscar winner Christopher Walken set to play the role of Schmeiser. Brilliant!


Fort Langley Pharmacy Combines Conventional and Holistic Health Approaches, BC Local News

An independent pharmacy carves out a niche in a mercurial health landscape. The trend for mainstream spaces to merge divergent systems of medicine is a nationwide economic opportunity. In this April 22, 2019 article (2 minute read) by the BC Local News, “Fort Langley Pharmacy Combines Conventional and Holistic Health Approaches” personalized healthcare takes on a new approach. Integrative pharmacies employ a combination of conventional and alternative medicine therapies, effectively blurring the demarcation between the two schools of thought. “If we give them a pill, we know that will work for certain symptoms they have. But we also know its going to deplete their body from certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, which are important for the healthy function of our body,” says Bob Mehr, CEO of Pure Integrative Pharmacy.

While it is a step in the right direction for accessibility and awareness of natural health products, the use of herbals and supplements just to counter side effects of drugs poses a dilemma. There are conditions that can be treated safely and holistically, without pharmaceuticals. The burgeoning area of dual therapy drugstores is changing the face of retail pharmacy but it is important to grasp what integrative pharmacy is and what it is not. What does this integrative pharmacy concept mean to you?


HANS Canadian Natural Health Product Stakeholders Questionnaire | We Need Your Voice

HANS is a veteran of the fight. We honour their presence as mentors. Their work has been in the Canadian advocacy space since 1984. Please support their initiative. Complete this questionnaire by May 10, 2019.

Dear Canadian Natural Health Product Stakeholder,

In response to concerns expressed by members of the Natural Health Products community about proposed regulatory changes, Jenny Kwan, MP, and Don Davies, MP (NDP Health Critic), hosted a round-table discussion in Vancouver on April 23. Both Members of Parliament are concerned by what they’re hearing from their constituents and have offered to speak out on behalf of Natural Health Product stakeholders and consumers.

The first step is the gathering of information. We need to bring your perspectives, concerns, and suggestions into the conversation. Our request is that you complete [our] questionnaire and return it to [] by May 10. If you’re unclear about what Health Canada is proposing, please review these presentations on the:

We have the opportunity to bring awareness of this issue to Canadians before the fall election, but we need your voice.

For more about Health Action Network Society:

Thank you for your participation!


Protection Against Significant Health Risks | Shawn Buckley Explains

LEAST RESTRICTIVE INTERFERENCE In this thirteenth 1:18 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Section 14 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Least Restrictive Interference.” Since the Charter gives the Ministry of Wellness and the courts the power to make decisions in order to protect Canadians, Section 14 ensures those decisions are well-reasoned. A court, under the Charter, should protect Canadians using the least restrictive measures possible so as to keep life-saving natural health products and treatment modalities available. This section prevents enforcement bodies from removing a product if doing so could cause more harm than good. The Ministry of Wellness and judicial system would be mandated to deliver the best health outcomes for citizens. The Charter of Health Freedom requires a balanced risk analysis ensuring regulation does not become antagonistic toward natural health products and practices and thereby reduces health outcomes.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. Examination and Sampling is the content of the fourteenth clip in which Shawn will discuss the procedures that will hold manufacturers accountable.


NHP Manufacturers, NHP Retailers & The Public are Currently at Risk | Register for the Live Calls + Q&A

Today! NHP Manufacturers, NHP Retailers and members of the Canadian public, this is your last chance to register for the Live Q&A Zoom Calls taking place Thursday May 2, 2019. 3 calls. 3 conversations. 1 common goal. We’d like as many of NHPPA’s public supporters as possible to join us! We ask that all of you email your favourite local health food store and let them know a call is being held for the owners, management and staff of retailers across the country. Feel free to send to manufacturers of your favourite products too! It’s everyone’s chance to get the information they’ve been wanting to understand that is specific to them. Get educated on the The Self-Care Framework so you can push back against Health Canada’s bureaucracy with intelligence, confidence and accuracy. Combine that with your personal story and you’ve got power! Shawn Buckley has the knowledge and experience to read between the lines and assess how limited our freedoms will become. This invitation is extended to three of the most significant stakeholders in the country. Share and be there!