The Surprisingly Dramatic Role of Nutrition in Mental Health, TEDX

Worth sharing almost four years later. A timely November 10, 2014 TEDX Talk (17:42 minute watch) by Dr. Julia Rucklidge. She speaks to serious mental health conditions being treated by nutrition and micronutrients. Many working with functional food and natural health products may want to watch the presentation if they haven’t already. Very good arguments made. Dr. Rucklidge begins with the critical role of nutrition in effectively preventing and reversing the symptoms of mental health disorders. She worked alongside Dr. Bonnie Kaplan (who NHPPA holds in high esteem) and tells us how statistics show a similar pattern in treatment with all classes of conventional chemical drugs for mental health (meaning short term the treatments are often effective) but in the long-term, they fail. Only micronutrients have shown lasting solutions to the root cause of brain health. She reflects on another study, “… despite our ever increasing reliance on antidepressants, the recovery rates and relapse rates are no better now than they were 50 years ago prior to the advent of these medications, so if a treatment is truly effective, then shouldn’t the rates of disorder and disability as a direct consequence of that illness be decreasing and not increasing?” NHPPA’s attention was drawn to the ” limited evidence” note in the TED disclaimer.

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Rebuttal to CHFA Criticism of NHPPA Discussion Paper

On May 10, 2018, the NHPPA released a Discussion Paper explaining the issues behind the upcoming repeal of the Natural Health Products Regulations. The CHFA responded by sending an email to its members implying the Discussion Paper was based on dated and inaccurate information. In response, Shawn Buckley wrote an opinion piece that in effect compares the CHFA to surrealist comedy when it comes to drug regulation policy. After challenging the Helen Long on a number of points, Mr. Buckley concludes: “In my opinion, the proposed changes are so detrimental to all CHFA Members that the attack on the NHPPA Discussion Paper must be a piece of comedy rather than a reasoned analysis. It is difficult to say whether the CHFA or Monty Python’s Flying Circus will win this year’s comedy award, but the CHFA is off to a strong start.”



A Ride Down the Rabbit Hole

If you haven’t taken the ride yet, please join us. Subscribe and download your copy of Shawn Buckley’s Discussion Paper on the imminent and dangerous changes to the NHP Regulations. It can help you understand the true nature of reality at Health Canada. It’s a difficult and disorienting environment to explain but its done rather well in what we hope is your weekend reading material! See you on the other side.


Shawn Buckley Interview with Hugh Reilly

“We are bringing changes into our food and drug regulations where basically we are going to guarantee that it will be illegal in Canada to ever use a natural health product to treat a serious health condition”. On May 12, 2018, while in Toronto for the Total Health Show, Shawn Buckley sat down with Hugh Reilly of for a candid interview (53 minute watch), ‘Health Canada is causing harm to Canadians. Canadians will hold them accountable.’

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• Shawn Buckley’s unusual shift into advocating for natural health products and practices after representing Health Canada in an action against Strauss Naturals (0:55)

• Health Canada tried make the sale of TrueHope’s EMPowerplus formula illegal despite evidence that consumers depended on it for their survival after chemical anti-psychotic drugs stopped working (6:55)

• Health Canada’s new “failed efficacy” meme created to make Canadians believe they need protection from natural health products (21:27)

• How important censorship of truthful information is to Health Canada in the drug approval process (29:25)

• Help NHPPA succeed in pushing back against Health Canada’s proposed new regulation changes (35:54)

• The Charter of Health Freedom is the answer to solving the problem, permanently (44:00)

“Whose choice is it of what you can take when you have a health crisis? Health Canada believes that they have the absolute right to decide what treatments you are allowed to access and, even more importantly, an absolute right to what information you are allowed to have. Because our system is based on censorship.”


New Trial Ordered for David and Collet Stephan

New trial ordered! NHPPA’s heartfelt congratulations to David and Collet Stephan! In 2016 David and Collet were convicted of failing to provide the necessities of life to their son Ezekiel. Shawn Buckley was their trial counsel and can tell you, that in his opinion, there were significant problems with how the Crown conducted the trial and with some of the Judge’s rulings. For example, the Crown was able to lead repetitive evidence from doctor after doctor to overwhelm the Jury with an atmosphere of danger constructed from their assumptions of how Ezekiel was presenting.

On the other hand, the Stephans were prevented from having a witness who visited with Ezekiel the night before from speaking freely. Similarly the Stephans called the Chief Medical Examiner for the Province of Alberta at the time of Ezekiel’s death. This doctor was prevented from giving her opinion, something that had never happened before on the hundreds of occasions she was an expert witness for the State. She has more than likely not been muzzled since when called to testify for the State.

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Shawn Buckley Interview on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Robert Scott Bell did a fantastic interview (26:51 minutes) with Shawn Buckley on May 12, 2018 at the Toronto Total Health Show. Full show report, material and photo gallery will be posted this Friday. Wonderful news to share with NHPPA’s supporters!

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David Stephan Interview on the Robert Scott Bell Show

An unexpected hero-visit for the NHPPA team! David Stephan, who had Shawn Buckley represent he and his wife, Collet, through their first case, stopped in Toronto on his way to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa for a Tuesday May 15 hearing. This candid Robert Scott Bell interview (38:09 minutes) took place on May 12, 2018 during the Total Health Show. David talks about how he and Collet are challenging their conviction to have the case go back to trial with new evidence not originally heard at the Alberta Court of Appeal.

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New Discussion Paper Released by Shawn Buckley: The Repeal of the Natural Health Product Regulations

A message from Shawn Buckley: “I would like to thank all of you for remaining active supporters of NHPPA. Our collective ability to make a difference in protecting our freedom to decide how to take care of ourselves depends upon our ability to take coordinated action. For example, during the Bill C-51 campaign in 2008, I was told at a meeting at the Prime Minister’s office that the anti-Bill C-51 mail was being delivered in wheel barrows because there was so much of it. That was you making a difference. Bill C-51 was never passed.

Because the opposition to Bill C-51 was so strong, Health Canada devised a new way to get the severe penalties and powers to apply to natural products. They came out with Bill C-17 which brought in the powers and penalties for a new category of “therapeutic product”. Therapeutic product was defined to exclude natural health products as that term is defined in the Natural Health Products Regulations. Because natural health products were excluded, the public did not raise a fuss and Bill C-17 passed. The NHPPA had called Bill C-17 a Trojan Horse. The danger of the change brought about by Bill C-17 is that Health Canada can make the powers and penalties that were in Bill C-51 applicable to natural products by simply amending the Natural Health Product Regulations.

Our concern is coming to pass.

Health Canada has published a time table for repealing the Natural Health Product Regulations.

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Authors of Premier Medical Textbook Didn’t Disclose $11 Million in Industry Payments,

Bias between the covers? This March 6, 2018 article (3 minute read), “Authors of premier medical textbook didn’t disclose $11 million in industry payments”, by Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky of, reveals the findings of a study showing that, between 2009 and 2013, authors of the world’s most recognized medical textbook profited in the millions from the makers of chemical drugs and medical devices. ”One author, a physician, during that period received nearly $870,000 in funding, including for research, according to ProPublica’s Dollars For Docs database of payments to doctors from drug companies”. Medical students, who learn from the text, are blind to the conflict of interest.