Shawn Buckley on Lisa Live Sep 18/10

Shawn spoke with Lisa Petty,’s Lisa Live host.

On Saturday, September 18 2010 Shawn was in the guest chair to discuss how to ‘Protect Your Health Rights’ with Lisa Petty.  Two important topics were discussed during the 1 hour interview.

The re-introduction of Bill C-36: The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Natural Health Product Regulations.

Part 1 – Shawn Buckley on Lisa Live

Part 2 – Shawn Buckley on Lisa Live

Part 3 – Shawn Buckley on Lisa Live


NHPPA Article in CNHR Magazine “NHP regulations proving to be ‘unmitigated disaster'” by Sep-Oct/10

By Shawn Buckley

The Canadian Natural Health Retailer (CNHR) Magazine has asked “Are the new regulations good for our industry?” and four industry insiders have answered the question in September’s issue. One such industry insider is Shawn Buckley, whose commentary is titled NHP regulations proving to be “unmitigated disaster.” Shawn points out that “Following the successful industry and consumer revolt, we were supposed to get regulations designed to ‘increase’ access to NHPs….The regulatory scheme is supposed to provide consumers with more NHPs, not what they had, not less.”

CLICK HERE to download and read the article.


Shawn Buckley & NHPPA in Montreal Sep 25 & 26/10


Catch Shawn Buckley at the Longevity Symposium 2010 in Montreal on Saturday September 25 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Shawn will be speaking on Freedom of Choice in natural health products vs. Health Canada’s NHP Regulations; and the dangerous Canada Consumer Product Safety Act [Bill C-36].

CLICK HERE for event information.


Then on Sunday September 26 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM Shawn and the NHPPA team will hold a Round Table session to explain in greater detail the problems facing each province and the actions the NHPPA is taking to protect our constitutional rights on a Federal level. Both Quebec provincial and federal issues will be addressed. This is an invitation to all industry stakeholders in the area [manufacturers, distributors, and retailers] as well as media and concerned Members of Parliament. One-on-one time is available with Shawn Buckley upon special request sent to Individual media interviews can be held on Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning.

CLICK HERE for Round Table details.


Shawn Buckley on Liquid Lunch Jul 27/10

Shawn spoke to Hugh Reilly,’s Liquid Lunch host.’s interview summary: Your health freedom is in danger in Canada! BC constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley talks about his transformation to fighting for health freedom with his National Health Products Protection Association (, especially in the context of health and freedom destroying bills like the Conservative’s C-36 which has already had first reading in Ottawa.

Shawn’s phone-in interview with host Hugh Reilly



WE HAD 10 DAYS TO DO IT. BUT ONLY NEEDED 9. [Aug 8 – Aug 16, 2010]


On Monday August 16th at 10:00 AM, one full day before the close of the
Hill Times STOP Bill C-36 ‘ad’ fundraiser, we reached $6385.00!

We over-achieved and did it before our deadline. This has set a clear precedent that Canadians, through the NHPPA’s work, do not want our government to consider an unwanted and unnecessary piece of legislation like Bill C-36. It also is clear that there is a sea of motivated natural health and freedom advocates who are moved to make things happen.

Thank-you, everyone. Truly.

Before the end of next week, an insertion order will be placed at the Hill Times.

Soon after that, we’ll draft the communication to urge our nation’s MPs and Senators to take a closer look at the implications of the proposed Consumer Product Safety Act. We hope they understand the great number of people who gathered their resources to have the NHPPA present a collective public ask to Stop Bill C-36. 

Remember, the cap on this dollar match campaign? You helped us double the funds that NHPPA has to work with. Today, our new supporter, confirmed the additional $5000.00 was on its way. These funds will be used immediately to build the next phase of our Stop Bill C-36 intentions. In the next 3 weeks we will encourage NHPPA’s team of citizen lobbyists to continue to assert their wishes to Parliament and Health Canada.

We will need everyone who believes in freedom, and Canada, to participate.


Even though the updates of our work on countering the issues with the current NHP Regulations are not being posted during this campaign, please know, that our agenda has not stopped in favour of Bill C-36. To those of you in the natural health community counting on the NHPPA to speak on your behalf understand that this movement is always part of the fabric of our efforts.

We do not have to settle or celebrate minor concessions.

We can re-focus and move forward.

Please watch for the launch of these specific campaigns and updates on our social networks. It’s the best place to keep updated.

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