Canadian Awareness Network Shawn Buckley Video Open Letter to Senate Dec 6/10

Network blog spreads NHPPA’s video message; National

“Shawn Buckley shares his thoughts on Bill C-36”

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Globe and Mail: Bill C-36 would ratchet up Consumer Protection Nov 30/10

Jeff Gray on lawyers’ interpretations of C-36; in Report on Business; National

“If the new bill becomes law (previous attempts have died on the order paper) companies would not only have more government inspectors looking over their shoulders: With potentially more product recalls, manufacturers can also expect to face more class-action lawsuits, a prominent product-liability lawyer predicts.”

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Hullabaloos: Senate, the New Silent Zone Nov 29/10

Senator Elaine McCoy’s personal blog records her reactions to the passing of C-36; Alberta

“Hundreds of Canadians are clamouring to be heard, but the committee’s Conservative majority voted against holding its hearings open for more testimony.”

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National Post: Parliament Ponders a Bad Bill Nov 26/10

Editorial board lays bare the constitutional issues in Bill C-36; National

“Its title may sound harmless, but the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) is an iron fist in a velvet glove. It is a bureaucrat’s dream come true, which would allow Health Canada and its inspectors access to private property without a warrant; would impose onerous reporting requirements on businesses; and would permit the divulgation of confidential information to foreign governments.”

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Shawn Buckley on Liquid Lunch Nov 24/10

Shawn spoke to Hugh Reilly,’s Liquid Lunch host.’s interview summary: The end of Rule of Law in Canada: Hugh Reilly and Erin Ademoglu are joined by Daniel Katz to chat with Dr. Eldon Dahl who’s home business was invaded by Health Canada aided by the RCMP; constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley on the danger to personal freedom contained in bill C-36 currently before the senate; Dee Nicholson from the NHF Canada.

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