Shawn Buckley’s 1st Lecture of 2011 Thursday January 27 in Mississauga, Ontario Jan 27/11

NHPPA and SOS Canada present:


Have we had enough yet, or do we need to lose more products, industry stakeholders and freedoms before we are willing to act?

What can the natural health industry expect next from Health Canada? And what must be done?

Shawn Buckley’s keynote lecture will address what must be done now to change tactics, ramp up the engagement of Canadians and protect the interests of industry stakeholders.

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Paper vs On-Line Petitions Jan 24/11

The NHPPA has received several inquiries about our petition in support of the Charter of Health Freedom. We have asked you to download and print hard copies, collect individual signatures with mailing addresses and then use the postal system to send them to our office. Many people feel that this is cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient in this day and age. There are numerous online petitions out there where people can add their voice and append their email address with a simple click.

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Suite 101: Anti-Bill-C36 Rallies in Canada Helped in Educating the Public Jan 10/11

Feature writer Karen Stephenson interviews the activists behind rallies in Calgary and Hamilton “Robinson held a sign that simply stated, Google Shawn Buckley C36. She says she was thrilled with how many people pulled out their cell phones and actually started learning about C36.”
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Gorilla Radio, CFUV 101.9FM: Shawn Buckley on Bill C-36, the epitaph for Canadian freedom Jan 10/11

Chris Cook interviews Shawn on C-36 and the NHPPA’s next steps. Victoria, BC

G-Radio is dedicated to social justice, the environment, community, and providing a forum for people and issues not covered in the mainstream media. Shawn Buckley…has taken up the mantle for Natural Health Product manufacturers, and has beaten back Health Canada’s relentless efforts to encroach upon the right of Canadians to access alternatives to Big Pharma’s near healthcare monopoly.”

Shawn Buckley on Gorilla Radio, CFUV 101.9FM


Media Reel: Shawn Buckley Speaks On Health Canada Inspectors Jan 7/10

Website offers top quality videoed interviews plus free previews “In an exclusive interview, lawyer Shawn Buckley discusses how inexperienced inspectors can overrule the years of experience well trained health professionals…Media Reel has had the pleasure of working with Buckley and the NHPPA to produce a number of one on one interviews and videos of his speaking engagements.”
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Pacific Free Press: End of the Quebec Sovereignty Movement Dec 29/10

Online news, dedicated to progressive opinion, publishes Shawn Buckley’s open letter to Quebec; Vancouver “The Bill represents the largest transfer of Provincial Power to the Federal Government in Canadian history.  Not only was Quebec silent while the Bill passed through the House of Commons, but the Bloc Quebecois supported the Bill.”
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