Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Nov 9/11

Since the launch of the Charter of Health Freedom on September 10 2008, the NHPPA has been receiving petitions from across Canada. 3 million signatures is the NHPPA’s goal. And we’re confident that this number is achievable because of concerned Canadians like you.

As of Wed, Nov 9 2011, the NHPPA has 81,584 petition signatures.

Here’s how you can make a difference – download the Charter of Health Freedom petition from the Charter of Health Freedom website. You can also download a printable version either letter size or legal size. Then get your family, friends, colleagues, classmates and customers to sign the petition.

The NHPPA is collecting the petitions so send them to this address: #2-953 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5P4.


Lisa Live Radio: Shawn Buckley on The Threat To Natural Health Products in Canada Explained Nov 5/11

Shawn spoke with Lisa Petty, 610CKTB’s Lisa Live host. St. Catharines, ON.

Shawn was in the guest chair for a must-listen-to radio interview that changes the way you feel about how Natural Health Products (NHPs) are regulated in Canada.

Shawn discussed how consumers and practitioners alike will be affected due to the restriction of everyday products that Canadians have been using for decades. Understand how dangerous it is to have, in effect, Health Canada make medical decisions they are not qualified to make. Shawn shared real life health consequences as Health Canada decides to enforce these flawed regulations. Shawn describes the Charter of Health Freedom, a law drafted on our constitutional rights and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that would serve as the new guiding principle that reforms how NHPs are regulated in Canada.

Lisa and Shawn looked at the contrast between the U.S and Canadian laws surrounding NHPs which ties into the landscape and future of NHPs in Canada.

Shawn Buckley on Lisa Live, 610CKTB