NHPPA at the Total Health Show Apr 27/12


That’s what we heard time and time again at this year’s Total Health Show. We are grateful, on behalf of all the stakeholders we represent as well as Canadians across the country, to those in the industry who made our visit to the Total Health Show possible with donations and support. Thanks to you all, every contribution helped with our attendance.

This page contains snapshots of the happenings from the show as well as an audio recording of Shawn’s full one hour lecture.

NHPPA’s President Shawn Buckley at our new corner booth with legal research assistant Geneviève Eliany, Information Officer Carolyn Steele, and new volunteer Sarah Orr.

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Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Apr 27/12

Once again, many thanks to all of you who have been sending your completed petition sheets to our new Ontario address, they have been arriving safely, as have the redirected pages from BC. We were delighted to receive one envelope from an industry stakeholder containing 1000 signatures!

When you explain the crisis to people, they really want to add their name to this national outcry for our constitutional rights. Have you asked your networks yet?

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The counting continues, we broke all our own records at last weekend’s Total Health Show, with 700 new signatures over the weekend and dozens of individuals taking information to start their own signing stations, thank you, to every one of you who did this.

As of today, the NHPPA has 87,054 petition signatures.

The NHPPA is collecting the completed petitions so send them to this address: 5070 Fountain Street North, Breslau, ON N0B 1M0.

Every single name is a Canadian citizen who has made the decision to demand their freedom. If you know anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to add their voice, tell them how they can join the movement today.


NHPPA at The Total Health Show Apr 13/12


Thanks to tremendous support for the NHPPA from industry stakeholders and the generosity of the Total Health management team, the NHPPA will have a full booth again at this year’s show. This means that, as well as the opportunity to hear Shawn’s keynote lecture for 2012, you will be able to visit us to meet the team, talk, sign the petition and take away copies of all our current handouts, leaflets and documents. You will even be able to buy a Charter of Health Freedom T shirt!

Shawn will be speaking on the main stage on both Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM. This spring’s lecture is entitled Personal Health Freedoms: A National Protest against Regulations that Force Natural Health Products Off the Market

Total Health has this to say about his presentation: “Freedom of choice vs. government control in health care is a debate that has turned into a movement! Now natural health product manufacturers, practitioners and stores are protesting government regulations that are slowly dismantling a once vibrant industry. Shawn will discuss his current federal legal cases, the threats from within the industry, the recent enforcement of removing products from store shelves faster than ever before, and what Health Canada does not want the public to know. Join the movement that protects a very basic property right: that no one should tell you how to treat – your body.”

We would love to see you there if you can make it to Toronto. If not, stand by for reviews, photos and videos as we endeavour to bring you there virtually.

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