New Store Support Action Kit June 29/12


One of the ways we use our time to support you is in preparing tools for you to use. Now here is the most recent project in our series!

Our new Store Support Action Kit contains everything you need to set up a Charter of Health Freedom petition station and information centre.

We received your positive feedback to our newest materials at the Total Heath Show in April, so now they are here for you to download, print and use!

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Bill C-38 Status Update June 29/12


As our Canada Day long weekend starts and Parliament closes for the summer,
Bill C-38 passes.

Bill C-38, also known as the Omnibus Bill, is the “Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act,” was said to be anchored in the 2012 Federal Budget. This bill numbered more than 400 pages and introduced, amended or repealed 70 federal acts (laws) and contained 750 sections. Many detractors were concerned that this massive bill packaged together an unreasonable number of issues into a single bill without having had the legitimate time for debate and consideration by the provinces, let alone Canada’s citizens.

A week ago NHPPA’s Shawn Buckley raised food safety concerns in his Discussion Paper on Bill C-38. There has been no reference to these concerns in the debates but on June 19 Huffington Post’s Irwin Cottler observed: “The government has yet to explain how these cuts would not prejudice the health and safety of Canadians or how food safety would be maintained…”

The Senate’s third reading started on June 27 2012. By a vote of 49-31 held at 5:30 PM today, Bill C-38 was passed. It is important for all NHPPA supporters to remember that as this bill was seemingly railroaded through, it compromised democratic process by limiting the opportunity for a dialogue about issues it addressed that may now have a serious impact.

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Industry Alert: Discussion Paper on Bill C-38 June 21/12


With Bill C-38 about to move into third reading in the Senate and set to become law, the general public, including the Natural Health Product industry still needs to be aware of the proposed changes to the Food and Drugs Act through Bill C-38 – The Omnibus Budget Bill.

In less than three months, Bill C-38 has moved through all three readings in the House of Commons, without review by the Standing Committee on Health. NHPPA’s president Shawn Buckley has been seeking confirmation from the Minister’s Office on the framework of the inevitable regulations that would flow from the Bill C-38 amendments. To date the NHPPA has had no response.

Shawn offers his opinion on how Bill C-38 amendments:

  • exempt pest control products from the “Poisonous or Harmful” Substances Protection in Food and Drugs;
  • remove the safety requirements for food, permitting agricultural chemicals, veterinary drugs or food additives that do not have prescribed safe limits;
  • cause difficulty for consumers wanting to avoid potentially harmful foods;
  • allow regulations to be incorporated by reference alone, and
  • permit prescription drug lists to be amended without having to pass regulations.

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