“Petition Power Then and Now: The Charter of Health Freedom, the internet and the Canadian government” Jun 10/14

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Many ask why the Charter of Health Freedom petition is not online. The simple answer is because our government wouldn’t recognize it, which begs the question: “Why not?”.

Check out NHPPA’s article by Carolyn Steele “Petition Power Then and Now: The
Charter of Health Freedom, the internet and the Canadian government”
, in latest issue of Health Action magazine to understand what’s involved in having a petition taken seriously by governments. The article includes a brief look at how petitions got started in Britain and North America, dating back to the 13th century. Carolyn points out that “The first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution includes, “the right of the people… to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”, which gives people a structured way to have their voices heard. However, today’s governments have put high standards on what petitions will get reviewed due to their popularity.

She writes: “Meanwhile, new words like slacktivism and clicktivism describe the momentary supporting of a cause when it appears on a screen without true engagement with making change.” This article explains why the petition for the Charter of Health Freedom is paper-based and how significant over 93,000 signatures to date really is and why our MPs should take notice. Carolyn highlights an important distinction, “When you sign an “old-fashioned” petition, your MP knows that your level of engagement is worth more than a click of the mouse.”

Read more on the milestones being reached by the Charter of Health Freedom petition in the Spring 2014 update


Step 2: The Charter to 308 MPs Campaign: MP Rebuttal Package Jun 6/14

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Step 2 of “The Charter to 308 MPs Campaign: MP Rebuttal” is well underway!

The MP Rebuttal Package campaign was launched on April 4, 2014 at the Total Health Show in Toronto. All of the materials are now on-line and ready for you to join your fellow activists.

We are sure you (and your MP) will find Shawn’s analysis very interesting reading!


In the next 25 days we are asking you to hand deliver, mail and/or email the MP Rebuttal Package, into the hands of every single MP: not once, but twice.

Once to your MP’s House of Commons address in Ottawa, and once to their Constituency Office in your riding. But to make this a well-timed two-send event prepare and send everything NHPPA has prepared for you now, before Parliament rests on June 20, to their Ottawa address. Then, prepare and send a second package to go to your MP’s office in your riding before June 30, 2014. You, as a constituent in your riding, have the strongest political voice for change.

Find all details on the main MP Rebuttal Package campaign page.

In order to make an impact we need every MP to hear about the Charter of Health Freedom, again, from multiple sources, at the same time. But this time with information that directly reflects the comments they made in their letters to you about the Charter of Health Freedom and the current Regulations. It is important that you all act together again to make a powerful statement. Your MP is being mislead by Health Canada as to the real, harmful effects of the 2004 NHP Regulations and will only get the other side of the story from you.

NHPPA has compiled a full information package for you to deepen (and frequently correct) the conversation with MPs.

This new MP Rebuttal Package includes everything you need to draft your response.


CLICK HERE to read the full campaign and MP Rebuttal Package details.


Heel Group Exiting US and Canadian Markets Jun 4/14

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According to a press release from Heel Canada, the company will cease operations in North America as of August 31, 2014.

Faced with mounting pressures, the departure is a business decision. Heel is the kind of natural health manufacturer that had the resources to navigate Health Canada’s licensing regulations. The Licensed Natural Health Products Database shows 180 licenses for the company but we may be seeing the tip of a disturbing trend.

Natural health product manufacturers in North America are being targeted by class action lawsuits claiming deceptive and false marketing. In this case, the lawsuit concerns Heel’s popular Traumeel line of products. The filed complaint cites that Traumeel did not relieve pain, contains ingredients that are contrary to its “natural” claim while arguing that the “Clinically Proven” and “Doctor Recommended” are invalid and imprecise. Heel admits no wrongdoing and continues to back its marketing but likely settled because it’s less expensive than defending this sort of claim.

These actions will further reduce access to your favourite natural health products. Many of which Canadian consumers and natural health practitioners relied on for supporting health and well-being. We’re sorry to see Heel go.

Read Heel’s press release: http://tiny.cc/mqqxgx

Read the complaint filed against Heel: http://tiny.cc/rwrzgx

Learn more at Integrated Health Retailer’s (IHR) magazine: http://tiny.cc/o4rzgx