CBC’s Article Continues to Discredit NHP Industry | Shawn Buckley Responds Jun 30/17

On June 26, 2017 CBC News published an article called “Medical Journal takes aim at natural remedies”. Shawn Buckley has responded to the piece that, once again, draws negative attention to natural health products (NHPs) and misinforms the public.

“You do not have to read the article to know it is inflammatory. Indeed, even the title is instructive. “Medical Journal takes aim” tells us a “Medical Journal” has sided against natural remedies. In reality there was a short editorial (yes, editorial) by a medical doctor who clearly does not like NHPs. This was not a medical journal taking sides. It was the CBC making an editorial sound newsworthy. With all that is going on in the world, the first question is: why would the CBC find this editorial newsworthy? I do not have an answer, but I can say that I have become quite alarmed by a steady mainstream media campaign to promote a change to the way natural health products are regulated. The stories mirror Health Canada’s current campaign to push for changing how NHPs are regulated (without Health Canada actually revealing the specific changes). Some parts of the CBC’s story are misleading.”

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References are made to Health Canada’s historic attempts to limit access to NHPs. Discussion papers written on the subject:

Bill C-51 An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (June 2008)

Bill C-52 Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (May 2008)

Bill C-17 An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (December 2013)

Health Canada’s September 2016 “Consultation Paper” on the Regulation of Self-Care Products in Canada (October 2016)

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Charter of Health Freedom Petition Count Update & Upcoming Practitioner Petition Drive Jun 23/17

On April 27, 2017 all 95,581 original Charter of Health Freedom (COHF) petition signatures arrived at NHPPA headquarters in Breslau, Ontario having previously been stored in a secure location in Kamloops, BC. Over the course of three days, the individual petition pages were meticulously reviewed, accounted for and carefully put into secure storage pending delivery to the House of Commons. 815 brand new signatures were found.

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In December 2015, e-Petitions became an acceptable method to bring a petition to the Canadian Parliament. The COHF petition began in 2008 as a paper petition and must remain a paper petition.

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Products that practitioners have been using to safely and effectively to treat their patient’s health concerns are, again, at risk. If the restrictive nature of the current regulations hasn’t been applied to you yet, it absolutely will, in one way or another. We are asking all practitioner wonder women and men to get their cape and tights on! NHPPA is launching a practitioner’s petition drive to make an amazonian effort for petition signatures. Help us reach our goal of 125,000 signatures through practitioners and their networks.

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Opportunity for Action | Attend Health Canada’s Continued Consultations on “Self-Care Products” Jun 6/17

Sign up and show up for Health Canada’s (HC) next round of public consultation meetings. They continue this Friday June 9, 2017. From what HC shared previously, topics will include: Market Entry, Labelling, Vigilance, Compliance, Cost Recovery, Advertising. We do not know whether or not they will have made “adjustments” to their proposal from what they heard in their April/May sessions. The modernized regulations of Self-Care products include cosmetics, natural health products, non-prescription drugs. For background on why we are rallying support to take action, see the links provided below. Registration is now open in select cities across the country for in-person events and limited webinars. NHPPA wants, and needs, you to attend so that when HC releases more information, or the final document, you will already be informed and empowered to take the right actions.

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Relevant links:

Health Canada’s original September 2016 Consultation document setting out the proposed new classification system that incited nationwide industry concern.

Health Canada’s March 2017 Executive Summary of the responses received from the initial 2016 online questionnaire, giving HC their apparent justification to develop the current proposal.

Shawn Buckley’s discussion paper on Health Canada’s original September 2016 “Consultation” document.

Read NHPPA’s May 30, 2017 Facebook post, “Manufacturing Consent”, sharing insight into what Health Canada is not telling you about their proposed NHP regulations as well as an audio recording (with PowerPoint slides) of the initial public forum meeting held in Saskatoon on April 4, 2017.


“Psychiatric Drugs Killing More Users than Heroin, Cocaine, say Health Experts” Vancouver Sun Jun 2/17

“The interesting thing about this is that it’s a prescription drug and people think they’re safe,” Ahamad said. “But as it turns out, we’re probably prescribing these drugs in a way that’s leading to harm.” Original article published May 17, 2016, updated May 30, 2017.

Read the full article here