Health Canada’s Stakeholder Email Update on the End of “Self-Care Products” Consultations Jul 28/17

International Self-Care Day. A worldwide campaign with the objective of celebrating the importance of, and encouraging the public to, practice responsible use of safe and effective consumer healthcare products. It was launched in 2012 by the World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI). We’d not heard of this NGO. Their Board of Directors include elected individuals from Bayer, Pfizer, Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

On July 24, 2017 Health Canada’s Director General for the NNHPD, Manon Bombardier, sent an email to everyone who registered for the recent public consultations held on the “modernization” of the regulations on “self-care” products. Ms. Bombardier’s email rode on International Self-Care Day’s message to further promote and draw attention to Health Canada’s ongoing strategy to drastically alter the way self-care products, which include NHPs, may be regulated. She sent a link to a summary of, what was said to be, discussed and heard during the consultation meetings across the country from early April to the end of June.

For NHPPA and its nationwide community of supporters, every day is self-care day. It is not something that we observe once a year. The choices we make to naturally support and enhance our health include a wide range of NHPs and traditional medicines, natural healing devices, whole foods and holistic health practices. They are a foundational part of our lifestyle. They define who we are and are every bit as important to our daily lives as the air we breathe.

What are the ways that you and your family engage in natural health practices every day? How would your life be different if you were no longer able to incorporate your favourite NHPs or holistic habits into your daily routine?


Health Canada’s Final Consultation Recording + Slides on “Self-Care Products” Regulations Jul 27/17

In June 2017, Health Canada held their final series of online and in person consultation meetings on their proposed “modernization” of self-care products regulations. The presentations focused on the finer details of how NHPs will be classified based on risk, acceptable evidence and claims for each classification, product registration, Ministerial abilities, cost recovery, product labeling, advertising, site licensing, enforcement and vigilance. NHPPA team members attended the June 29, 2017 webinar.

Listen to the complete recording of the presentation
(1 hour and 32 minutes in length)

View all of the accompanying slides

For summaries of the feedback received at all consultation meetings, scroll down to the “What We Heard” section of Health Canada’s Consultation on the Regulation of Self-Care Products webpage.


Retailer & Consumer MP Letter Writing Action Steps to Oppose New Self-Care Products Regulations | Jul 14/17

Citizens for Choice in Health Care (CCHC) is a non-profit association based in Alberta whose primary goal is to advocate for the integration of complementary therapies as an accepted part of traditional medical practice. NHPPA endorses their work. On April 29, 2017, CCHC published a provocative article that sheds light on the hidden agenda for proposed “modernization” of Health Canada’s regulations on natural health products.

As a follow up, CCHC has launched an initiative for natural health product retailers across the country to have their customers take action. The campaign asks Canadians to write to their local MP and demand that they prevent the enactment of Health Canada’s proposed new NHP regulations. NHPPA encourages retailers and consumers to participate. Many of Canada’s MPs are newly elected and are not aware of Health Canada’s history to restrict access to NHPs and limit Canadians’ freedom of choice. These actions target how we identify ourselves and undermine our pursuit to live according to natural health principles. CCHC’s campaign is critical to making your voice heard by making all MPs aware of the unconstitutional nature of Health Canada’s plans.

Take part in this national initiative

It is likely that Health Canada’s new NHP regulations will come into law simply by being published twice in the Canada Gazette as an amendment to the Food and Drug Regulations. This means that there will be no parliamentary process. We are asking all NHP advocates to help monitor the Canada Gazette by using search terms such as “natural health products”, “self-care” or “Food and Drug Regulations”

Learn more about the threat Health Canada’s proposed new regulations pose by reading Shawn Buckley’s October 2016 Discussion Paper on the Regulations of Self-Care Products in Canada


“Why Big Pharma’s Days are Numbered” Alliance for Natural Health International Article Jul 7/17

In this June 27, 2017 article (6 minute read), “Why Big Pharma’s Days are Numbered“, Robert Verkerk PhD of Alliance for Natural Health International cleverly demonstrates how different industries have parallel offerings that serve many types of consumers who are demanding solutions-based products that meet their needs; are more sustainable than ever and how health care systems run by governments are running interference.

Verkerk states, “Why should healthcare be different? Lip service is currently being paid to sustainable healthcare, but so far, it’s either about throwing good money after bad into a broken system or lessening the healthcare system’s negative impact on the environment.”

In Canada, our current healthcare system allows citizens to choose how they wish to manage their health concerns. But it does so in a restrictive way, discrediting treatments that do not fall within the, arguably dangerous, pharmaceutical convention. Consider models where manufacturers innovate based on the needs and wants of consumers. Why shouldn’t we also benefit from the evolution of business economics for innovation in natural wellness solutions?

Deloitte, one of the world’s most respected consulting firms, agrees with the need for integration. In its Global Health Care Outlook report for 2017 it states, “Today’s health challenges are complex and interrelated so care delivery models that use a multi-pronged, collaborative, and technology-enabled approach are more likely to yield positive results.”

Read Deloitte’s full report

Learn how the Charter of Health Freedom is the solution which allows for full freedom of choice in health care for Canadians.