Disrupting a Child’s Education | Obstacles to Parents’ Constitutional Rights to Refuse Vaccination

This September 28, 2017 CBC News article (3 minute read), 659 elementary school students in Windsor area suspended for incomplete immunization records, reports on the Ontario mandate to temporarily suspend students if their immunization records are not up to set standards.

For those who are concerned with the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada, this information will not be new but it will be an important confirmation.

For, or against, NHPPA advocates that vaccination is a personal choice.

Under the Canadian Constitution, vaccination cannot be made mandatory. That is to say, federally, immunization is not mandatory according to Health Canada.

Two provinces, Ontario and New Brunswick, have passed legislation governing the vaccination of school-aged children. As of September 1, 2017, Ontario residents who want an exemption from vaccination for their children will not be able to file the necessary exemption form with their local Public Health office until they have attended a mandatory vaccine education session, failing which they face a fine of up to $1000 and the suspension of their unvaccinated child from school. In New Brunswick, the filing of the appropriate exemption form is sufficient for those who do not wish for their children to receive the mandated vaccinations.

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