Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update

Incremental changes still have an impact! NHPPA’s attendance at the May 2018 Total Health Show added another 350 original signatures to the petition count making it 96,847. The petition remains the second largest federal paper petition in Canada in the last 25 years. To respond to four frequently asked questions regarding the petition:

No. The paper petition cannot, and will not, be transferred into an online e-Petition.

No. The paper petition cannot be merged with a newly created e-Petition.

No. The paper petition cannot be put online through or

Yes. The paper petition is still powerful, valid and current.

NHPPA’s efforts to continue collecting signatures will make a significant difference as we seek the MP who will introduce the Charter of Health Freedom to House of Commons.

See our April 2018 Paper vs e-Petition Update (pre-Total Health Show).

Find out more about the Charter of Health Freedom and how it is designed to protect your rights and freedoms.