Total Health Show May 2018 | NHPPA New & Popular Booth Handouts & Materials

“What do you have that explains things in a simple way?” “Can I help share what’s going on?” “How do I take action?” Our spring/summer focus has been on educating the public, practitioners, retailers and manufacturers on the threats facing Canada’s natural health products and practices. Our attendance at the Total Health Show in May 2018 saw the introduction of a number of resources. Among them, we created five ‘one-pager’ handouts for the purpose of allowing you, our supporters, to share NHPPA’s message with simplicity and confidence:

“Are Natural Health Products Under Attack?”
“Renegotiating the Terms of Our Surrender”
“The Right to Treat Your Health Naturally Is Under Threat”
“Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update”
“8 Action Steps”

These easy-to-read pieces help clear the murky waters of legal and government content and can be an entry point that enable Canadians to share excerpts with friends, family, colleagues and their MPs. They take some of the vague particulars in Health Canada’s proposed regulation changes, plus the legal platforms in Shawn Buckley’s most recent discussion paper, and pare it down as a gateway to the issues.

Find the new handouts and materials

A link to NHPPA’s website is on all pieces so readers can obtain the more complex content as needed.