During The Height of Reports, Dr. Dave Janda Interviews a Questioning Dr. Shiv Chopra About Ebola Dec 12/14

Ebola Interview with Shiv Dec 2014 Website


At the height of the Ebola media fever, Dr. Shiv Chopra provided some interesting perspectives, background and concerning questions on Ebola and vaccines. He was interviewed by medical doctor and radio show host Dr. Dave Janda. Dr. Chopra is a legendary PhD microbiologist, vaccine researcher and specialist, former senior scientific advisor on vaccines for Health Canada and celebrated whistleblower, having published a book about Health Canada, ‘Corrupt to the Core’.

The interview provides excellent perspectives on Ebola: history of the disease and former smaller outbreaks, the recent spread and mortality rates, medical practices to control this infectious disease and gaps in the processes of the most recent outbreak. Dr. Chopra also sheds light on the development of a vaccine by Glaxo which is not a typical vaccine, but rather “a weak flu causing virus attached with two genes of the Ebola virus – the most dangerous to even think of – making this a genetically engineered new organism.” He questions the actions of the stakeholders who stand to benefit from this Ebola outbreak and why Canada has even been working on Ebola and other obscure infectious diseases since the mid-1990’s. 

Listen to the podcast interview herehttp://tinyurl.com/kvkgus9

Issues on Health and Food Safety: http://shivchopra.com/

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