Total Health Show 2015 Shawn Buckley’s Lecture on Censorship & New NHPPA Actions Apr 6/15


The Total Health Show is one of Canada’s largest consumer events for the natural health community running from April 17 – 19 this year. It will be our 7th appearance with our presence reaching new activists to support our fundamental freedoms advocacy work.

Looking Back: Total Health 2014 | Lecture Video and Show Photo Album

If you haven’t already, please watch Shawn’s 2014 lecture “CETA, Natural Health Products, Bill C-17—moving out of the eye of the hurricane and into the stormwhere he opens with “I am really, really grieved about the Canada I am going to leave to my kids. I already don’t recognize it.” His keynote covered a lot of ground, including comments like, “we do not know if CETA will include NHPs, but if it does we may be looking back at the NHP Regulations as the ‘good old days’.” Have a look at our 2014 Total Health Show photo album.

Looking Forward: Total Health 2015 | New Lecture and Initiatives

Attend Shawn’s new lecture on Saturday and Sunday of the show and visit with us at Booth 208.

Suppressing the Truth, Gambling with Your Safety, Deciding for Yourself—an update on the government’s tireless efforts to ‘protect’ you

Censorship reflects systems that fear individual freedom of choice. Where this begins in healthcare is obscured. Doctors routinely rely on anecdotal evidence to make crucial treatment decisions. Yet in the area of natural health, the government prevents consumers and practitioners from accessing this same information. This leaves us without vital information when making important health decisions. Learn how censorship affects your health and restricts natural health professionals. In the area of electro-magnetic-radiation, our governments have abandoned the precautionary principle and are in effect gambling with your health. Welcome to being a guinea pig! As expected, Health Canada continues to remove natural health products without any balanced risk analysis. Hear about the continuing fallout from the regulations and how it’ll impact your health choices further. Understand what this tells us about your lack of personal autonomy. Prepare to be shaken up. Time permitting, you’ll hear an update on the bizarre sheep-napping charges where farmers defied a government kill policy to protect healthy rare heritage sheep.

We will showcase our new thought leaders handbook on Censorship in Natural Health, along with NHPPA’s latest articles, our expanded mission and the launch of a Practitioners’ Petition Challenge to bring the Charter of Health Freedom to record numbers. Come introduce yourself and let us know you are out there! Shawn and the NHPPA team would love to meet you.

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NHPPA asserts the fundamental freedom to believe in and to choose natural health products and practices;
and uniquely works to protect them by promoting their effectiveness, and by opposing regulatory efforts to diminish or deny their use.