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The Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) is one of Canada’s leading non-profit activist organizations with a mission to protect the alternative health care industry’s access to natural health products and practitioners ability to practice. NHPPA’s message is one of inclusion. Natural health products and practices want a place at Canada’s societal table of diversity and choice. NHPPA ran powerful national campaigns for a number of years on behalf of affected manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and the public. Campaigns that targeted the political and judicial branches of Parliament as well as the bureaucrats at Health Canada, the pharmaceutical industry and mainstream media.

NHPPA has grown from a grass roots movement to become internationally recognized and quoted. Our copyrighted materials have crossed the globe and our experts have become sought-after interviewees by media who choose to look beneath surface and spin.

After a recent hiatus, NHPPA is back in full force, seeking the most powerful and passionate team to unify, and call to action, Canada’s natural health community to secure a victory. NHPPA is looking to gain critical mass through public awareness, since Health Canada released their latest proposal to overhaul, in an even more onerous way, how the entire Canadian market will be regulated.

We recently brought on a new Assistant Campaign Coordinator and we are seeking to expand our team further over the coming weeks. Our first priority is filling the position of full-time National Campaign Producer. If you are passionate about protecting freedom of choice in healthcare and have the skills listed below, please connect!

The National Campaign Producer will work closely with the Executive team of NHPPA, daily. NHPPA works within in a collaborative, fast-paced, dynamic, results-driven and positive culture, compelled by both critical analysis and intuition!

Please feel free to connect with Julia Rickert at 519.648.2050, with any questions, before submitting your resume. NHPPA will be happy to share a brief overview of our proposed 2018 concepts and plans for upcoming campaign actions with serious candidates.


Job Posting Date: May 10, 2018
Apply by: May 31, 2018
Start Date: July 2018

Term, Hours and Location:

  • 1-2 year contract with opportunity for extension
  • 5 days a week, 30-40 hours, depending on intensity of campaign and project deadlines
  • Working remotely—collaborating with the working team, advisors, industry stakeholders, funders and media via Email/Phone/Skype/Zoom—and if living in the region working with the core team at NHPPA headquarters, once a week, in Breslau, Ontario


  • Compensation is negotiable and based on experience

Education, Skills and Experience:

  • A degree or at least 3 years’ experience in leading teams in marketing, communications and business/event development, a must
  • Education or background in natural health, alternative medicine, a must
  • A background in conceptualizing, writing and hands-on developing strategic marketing and “big moment” campaigns with a successful track record of effective marketing strategies/tactics that have resulted in revenue, action or brand build
  • Familiarity with NHP regulations, the NHP industry (most of the Canadian products on the market) and being well versed in the alternative healthcare profession
  • Understand, and have a high degree of interest, in legislation and government agencies as they relate to natural health products and practices, including: Canadian Food and Drugs Act, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Health Canada, Parliament
  • You have a deep passion for and are an activist and advocate for natural health as well as social-environmental-cultural-economic justice, law and human rights issues.

In close collaboration with our National Campaign Director, President, Vice President and Assistant Campaign Coordinator, the main tasks involved in this position include:

  • Strategize and administer national, public and industry campaigns through the NHPPA website, social media platforms, print media and our internal distribution system to incite action. This includes the work to execute all actions, in all campaign platforms, for consistent engagement with natural health product stakeholders (Manufacturers, Retailers, Practitioners, Public)
  • Write effective and high impact content and materials to draw attention to, unify, and incite action, for all campaigns including, but not limited to; website content, blogs, webinars, video, social media awareness campaigns, boycotts, public protests, Member of Parliament and Health Canada bureaucrat campaigns, media, other activist organizations and trade groups.
  • Create a comprehensive and exciting editorial calendar and maintain a continuous publishing pipeline for Manufacturers, Retailers, Practitioners, Public—to primarily support our members to educate mainstream circles on natural health product legitimacy, safety, efficacy and the right to choose how one treats themselves.
  • Manage the implementation, tracking and measurement of action and education campaigns
  • Ensure that NHPPA’s brand and identity is adhered to in campaigns and in all communication channels
  • Prepare for consumer show attendance (i.e. Total Health, Whole Life Expo, Green Living) – produce, from concept to completion, show booth design with all written material, marketing, promotion, pre and post show webinars as ads, press releases, etc.
  • Find distribution channels for NHPPA’s new media kit (created by you!) for all national and local media outlets—develop required content to garner the attention of radio, TV, online and print journalists and reporters.
  • Keep informed on local and national news stories relating to natural health products and practices, and track stories relevant to the campaigns

Tech Skills:

  • You must have excellent working knowledge, and know how to exploit, for best outcomes, strategies of e-Marketing in NHPPA’s preferred social media, outreach and communication platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Zoom, Facebook Live, GoToWebinar; and sites like,,,
  • Advanced technical ability in WordPress, Photoshop, Canva and Microsoft Office applications; nice to have Final Cut Express, InDesign, Illustrator

Communication, Research and Organization:

  • Ability to think and operate strategically, critically and creatively
  • Exact writing, and verbal, skills in expository, persuasive, narrative and descriptive styles (French is an added asset)
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to multitask, trouble-shoot, prioritize and be proactive
  • Professionalism, integrity, reliability, accountability and self-discipline are requirements for success in this role
  • Strong project management skills – you will be required to work within set budgets and meet deadlines for multiple projects
  • Commitment to, and support for, NHPPA’s philosophy and the ability to professionally advocate NHPPA’s positions on issues
  • Ability to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality regarding all aspects of NHPPA’s work
  • You should be accustomed to working under pressure and have strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to rally team members towards a goal and the ability to move quickly to execute for continual elevation, is a core competency of this role.

To Apply: Please submit your resume, a short bio and cover letter along with writing, design or online program samples and your current understanding of the issues facing the NHP industry and its stakeholders to Julia Rickert, National Campaign Director and Executive Coordinator, at


Job Posting Date: May 10, 2018
Apply by: May 31, 2018
Start Date: Mid-June/July 2018

Hours and Location:

  • 5-15 hours per week, depending on number of print, social media, or show projects running at once
  • Attendance at Total Health Show or other like events would be ideal (once or twice per year)
  • Working remotely – collaborating with the working team, advisors, industry stakeholders, funders and media via Email/Phone/Skype/Zoom, and if living in the region, working with the core team at NHPPA headquarters in Breslau, Ontario


  • Starting at $20-$25/hr depending on experience, review after 6 months; may be open to discussing per project rates if in non-profit realm of financial possibility.

Education, Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or College Diploma in Graphic Design, Communication or a related field combined with 2-3 years of brand design experience, preferably in a non-profit, think tank or similarly-situated organization
  • A familiarity with the NHP regulations, the NHP industry and our profession
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to, and passion for, natural health products and practices
  • Have significant experience producing and designing digital and other media for campaigns and an ability to design for various audiences and purposes such as official communications, grassroots organizing, and online advocacy
  • Be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel and Power Point) and a working knowledge of HTML and CSS with experience in web design and production.
  • Excellent written communication skills: proofreading, copy editing
  • Strong ability to render and communicate ideas, a flexibility of vision, responsiveness to creative input, and great visual sensibilities
  • Experience preparing files for output for both print and online formats
  • A solid understanding of social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • A proven ability to manage and complete multiple projects under tight deadlines, be a team player who thrives in a fast-paced collaborative environment as well as have excellent written, verbal and analytical communication skills.
  • Experience producing web video and other multimedia a plus but, not required.
  • Working knowledge of web content management (WordPress; SEO; Analytics)

The main tasks involved in this position include:

  • Design and layout of posters, flyers, handouts, and any other necessary print and digital material using copy from our writers and following direction from the team
  • Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, aligning the style with the NHPPA brand guidelines
  • Post materials on our social media pages and website
  • Manage image and template libraries and obtain relevant stock imagery as needed and manage accounts with printers and other media vendors.
  • Ensure consistent use of organizational brand and messaging across all public communications
  • When necessary, assist with presentation and design needs at live events
  • Participate in creative brainstorming sessions with other members of the NHPPA core team
  • See each project through to completion within a set timeframe. It does not matter what platform you are working on as long as you have the artful expertise to communicate in design. This is super critical to the optics of our brand. The designer needs to meet both the requirements to make things look great but also clearly make the message of utmost importance.

To Apply: Please send your note of interest, resume along with samples of your design work, to Julia Rickert, National Campaign Director and Executive Coordinator, at