Ban Series T-Shirt Fundraiser | Send Shawn Buckley to The Standing Committee on Health


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  • Campaign launches April 15, 2019

T-SHIRTS REMAINING: unlimited, until we reach the $7,000 goal

  • Campaign ends TBD

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All funds raised will go toward sending Shawn Buckley to the Standing Committee on Health.

Any donations NHPPA receives for the duration of the fundraiser will also go toward sending Shawn Buckley to the Standing Committee on Health. While the T-shirts will be our major fundraiser, we look forward to and accept funds from all supporters to help us reach our goal.

What is the Standing Committee on Health?

The Standing Committee on Health is an all-party Committee in the House of Commons that examines proposed health legislation for Parliament. To learn more about what this committee does and which MPs are involved, visit the House of Commons website page on the Standing Committee on Health.

Why send Shawn Buckley?

Current members of the Committee are not aware of the past history that has led us to the current NHP Regulations. For decades as a constitutional lawyer and President of NHPPA, Shawn Buckley has called out Health Canada’s violation of citizen rights by way of the proposed regulation of natural health products. Shawn has the background, the language and the knowledge of the industry to speak to legislators and shine a light on the nonsensical proposed changes to NHP regulation.

Where does the money go?

Funds raised will go toward Shawn’s proposal development, presentation preparation and travel expenses.

Sounds great! Where can I get my T-shirt?

Choose from one of four designs from Teechip.


Ban Peanut Butter

Front reads:

Ban Peanut Butter

Back reads:
We know that Canadians, mostly children, die every year from nut allergies by eating things such as peanut butter. Compared to every natural health product on the market, peanut butter is significantly more dangerous. However, peanut butter is not dangerous enough for us to support spending hundreds of millions of dollars to set up a separate directorate to protect us. As wasteful as a Health Canada Peanut Butter Directorate would be, ironically it could save the odd life. Unfortunately, my feat is that the NHP Directorate is actually going to cost lives.
– Shawn Buckley, LLB

Listen to 2008 talk by Shawn Buckley in which he discusses the relative risk of NHPs vs Peanut butter. (At 49:14 of video. Transcript also provided.)

Read More About the Risk of Peanut Butter versus the Risk of NHPs

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Ban Parsley

Front reads:

Ban Parsley

Back reads:
Health Canada agrees that parsley has positive health benefits, but refused to allow parsley in a natural product because its safety has not been demonstrated by clinical trials.

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Ban Lightning

Front reads:

Ban Lightning

Back reads:
A recent study shows the risk of mortality from taking vitamin food supplements is actually less than the chance of being struck by lightning. In fact you are 26-28 times more likely to be stuck by lightning that will cause death than being harmed by a natural health product. If Health Canada is sincere about protecting Canadians, it could start by addressing the 10,000 pharma deaths a year in Canada due to drug dosage errors and adverse reactions.
-Alliance for Natural Health Europe

See the Actual Risk of Being Struck by Lightning vs. Being Harmed by NHPs

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Ban Acetaminophen

Front reads:

Ban Acetaminophen

Back reads:
There are no reported deaths from NHPs. Acetaminophen causes roughly 33 deaths a year in Canada. NHPs are banned over theoretical risks. Acetaminophen is left alone.

This is another example of Health Canada protecting:

  • You
  • Your children
  • Pharmaceutical profits

Read More About the Risks Associated with Acetaminophen

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