Total Health Show May 2018 | NHPPA New & Popular Booth Handouts & Materials

“What do you have that explains things in a simple way?” “Can I help share what’s going on?” “How do I take action?” Our spring/summer focus has been on educating the public, practitioners, retailers and manufacturers on the threats facing Canada’s natural health products and practices. Our attendance at the Total Health Show in May 2018 saw the introduction of a number of resources. Among them, we created five ‘one-pager’ handouts for the purpose of allowing you, our supporters, to share NHPPA’s message with simplicity and confidence:

“Are Natural Health Products Under Attack?”
“Renegotiating the Terms of Our Surrender”
“The Right to Treat Your Health Naturally Is Under Threat”
“Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update”
“8 Action Steps”

These easy-to-read pieces help clear the murky waters of legal and government content and can be an entry point that enable Canadians to share excerpts with friends, family, colleagues and their MPs. They take some of the vague particulars in Health Canada’s proposed regulation changes, plus the legal platforms in Shawn Buckley’s most recent discussion paper, and pare it down as a gateway to the issues.

Find the new handouts and materials

A link to NHPPA’s website is on all pieces so readers can obtain the more complex content as needed.


MedEffect e-Notice from Health Canada | Human Carcinogen in Blood Pressure Medications

On July 10, 2018 Health Canada released a MedEffect Notice advising of a recall of certain medications containing Valsartan. Valsartan is an ingredient found in a class of medications known as Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists and is used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and to increase the chances of living longer after a heart attack. Side effects of using Valsartan include chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, palpitations, joint pain and more. A number of products containing Valsartan have been found to be contaminated with a known human carcinogen called N-nitrosodimethylamine (“NDMA”). NDMA is toxic to the liver and other organs and is also used create cancer in rats used for cancer research. The Valsartan in question was sourced from Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China.

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Shawn Buckley’s 2018 Total Health Show Lecture

Check out Shawn Buckley’s latest video recording (55 minute watch) released as part of our 2018 public and industry education phase. 60 days ago today, at Toronto’s Total Health Show, Shawn gave his new lecture called “Censorship, Science and Belief”.

He shares compelling insight into the detrimental outcome of Health Canada’s proposed self-care regulatory framework for natural health products. Safe and effective natural remedies in Canada are currently facing their most significant threat to date. After 23 years of dealing with Health Canada Shawn tells us, “never have I felt more threatened.”

Be able to personally speak to the facts and develop a full understanding through our new and popular educational material:


Total Health Show May 2018 | NHPPA Show Report and Photo Gallery

Total Health Show Photo GalleryNHPPA is keen to continue our public outreach and educational efforts across our country by duplicating our work in three or more cities across Canada in 2018. This May, at the Total Health Show in Toronto, we reconvened with many prominent freedom fighting allies and produced new materials that brought into question the intentions of Health Canada’s most recent proposed NHP Regulations. The Show Report and Photo Gallery highlights our influential activist friends, links to new handouts that can be shared and the work we do at the shows to make an impact.

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We would welcome your suggestions for similar shows to the East or West of our headquarters in Ontario. What consumer shows would you like to see Shawn Buckley and NHPPA attend this year? Email us at info@nhppa.org with your recommendations.


Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update

Incremental changes still have an impact! NHPPA’s attendance at the May 2018 Total Health Show added another 350 original signatures to the petition count making it 96,847. The petition remains the second largest federal paper petition in Canada in the last 25 years. To respond to four frequently asked questions regarding the petition:

No. The paper petition cannot, and will not, be transferred into an online e-Petition.

No. The paper petition cannot be merged with a newly created e-Petition.

No. The paper petition cannot be put online through change.orgsumofus.org or avaaz.org.

Yes. The paper petition is still powerful, valid and current.

NHPPA’s efforts to continue collecting signatures will make a significant difference as we seek the MP who will introduce the Charter of Health Freedom to House of Commons.

How Does the Charter of Health Freedom Petition Compare?
(as at July 3, 2018)

The largest federal paper petition in Canadian history to be filed with the Canadian Clerk of Petitions stands at 630,542 signatures. Delivered by The Body Shop Canada on May 28, 2018, this petition calls for a ban on the sale and manufacture of animal-tested cosmetic products. This petition has not yet been presented in the House of Commons.

At 625,510 signatures, the second largest paper petition to be presented to the House of Commons in Ottawa in the last 70 years was for the creation of the Canadian Bill of Rights (February 9, 1949).

While these petitions have garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures, petitions with far less signatures have also helped move legislation:

  • At 85,421 signatures, the largest single paper petition to be presented to the House of Commons in Ottawa in the last 6 years was for the extension of medical benefits through the Employment Insurance Program (June 21 2011)
  • At 92,572 signatures, the largest paper petition in the last 10 years was a series of petitions against the cruelty of animals (February 19 2007)
  • At 96,065 signatures, the largest paper petition in the last 20 years was a series of related petitions against Child Pornography (April 27 1999)

The presentation of petitions has been a feature of the Canadian House of Commons since the time of Confederation. But a lot has changed since 1867. The process of petitioning has been tabled and reviewed in the House of Commons since 1994. The Standing Committee of Procedure and House Affairs began to examine measures to achieve more direct participation by citizens, including debates on petitions.

It was only 25 years ago that the House of Commons began keeping track of delivered petitions.

For more information, you can read our one-page review of The Charter Petition.

e-Petition vs. Paper Petition Update

In December 2015, the Canadian Parliament began accepting e-petitions.  Under the new system, e-petitions that garner at least 500 signatures and are sponsored by an MP will be tabled in Parliament. E-Petitions are only open for signature collection for a period of 120 days and, once tabled in Parliament, will receive a response from the government within 45 days.

E-petitions are exciting and new, and they create an opportunity to have an issue presented to Parliament in a relatively short period of time. However, they cannot be combined with or replace an already pre-existing paper petition. It would be an extraordinary amount of work for the Clerk of Petitions or the Privy Council to cross reference the signatures gathered on the paper petition with any signatures collected online.  NHPPA would have to start a brand new Charter of Health Freedom e-Petition, from scratch, and it would have to go through the validation and acceptance process.  Our petition must therefore remain a paper petition.

Canada’s Largest Federal e-Petitions 

  • 130,452 signatures, Canada’s largest e-petition to date, presented in the House of Commons on March 23, 2017, calling for an end to Canada’s “First Past the Post” electoral system.
  • 86,082 signatures, the second largest e-petition to date, presented in the House of Commons on September 19, 2018 proposed the repeal of Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms.
  • 69,742 signatures, the third largest e-petition to date, presented in the House of Commons on October 6, 2016 asking that Parliament recognize that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam.

See our April 2018 Paper vs e-Petition Update (pre-Total Health Show).

Find out more about the Charter of Health Freedom and how it is designed to protect your rights and freedoms.



Will Social Prescribing Be the Next Wellness Phenomenon?, Psychology Today

Whole thinking. This July 17, 2017 article (5 minute read) by Christopher Bergland published in Psychology Today, ‘Will Social Prescribing be the Next Wellness Phenomenon’, tells us of a new, more holistic approach, that British doctors are taking to help patients with chronic illness. The program involves partnering a primary care patient with a link worker who assists them with formulating a personalized social program involving community activities based on their individual needs. The link workers then meet with the patients regularly to ensure they stay compliant. Studies have shown that the program is helping patients lead healthier lives with less feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.

“Hopefully, the latest findings on the benefits of social prescribing will inspire policymakers to support more programs that offer comprehensive non-medical prescriptions. Social prescribing has the potential to reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs and improve the psychological, physical, and financial well-being of people from all walks of life.”

It is encouraging to see a public health program designed with the purpose of improving the lives of a country’s citizens rather than serving and protecting the interests of an industry. NHPPA approves!


NHPPA Is Hiring!

Passionate about protection? NHPPA is adding to our existing team to launch a series of planned 2018/2019 campaigns. It’s intense, exciting and meaningful work that can define Canada’s future for natural health. And we want you! As you’ve probably noticed, over the last few months, a significant emphasis has been put on our education phase. It was, and still is, the primary focus before we run nation wide actions. We hope that Shawn Buckley’s lectures, interviews, discussion papers, articles and rebuttals have galvanized your resolve to be part of the solution.

Read the full details of these exciting job opportunities


Unapproved GM Wheat Found in Alberta, CBAN

Reposting from a Canadian organization NHPPA follows: Unapproved genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) wheat discovered in Alberta – the federal government can’t figure out how it got there. A few plants with Monsanto’s GM glyphosate-tolerant trait on a road. No GM wheat is approved in Canada or any other country. Read the June 15, 2018 press release for info & links.