MedEffect e-Notice from Health Canada | New Boxed Warning of Zydelig Labels May 13/16

A recent Med-Effect notice (March 2016) from Health Canada titled: “International clinical trials, including trials in Canada, are being stopped due to serious adverse events with the drug Zydelig, in combination with other cancer drugs”, reveals that these serious events also included deaths. The company wouldn’t disclose how many died more recently, however, it said […]

Why Did The David And Collet Stephan Jurors Cry After The Trial? May 6/16

RARE, CONTROVERSIAL CASES LIKE THIS DEMONSTRATE A LITTLE-KNOWN VOID IN CANADA’S CRIMINAL LAW. Interesting, Written by Karen Selick–lawyer and commentator. “Another version of my article on how jury nullification might have applied in the tragic Stephan case. I would like all Canadians to be aware of the power they hold as jurors, even though nobody […]