Looming Climate Change Disaster in Canada’s North Jan 13/16

“LOOMING CLIMATE CHANGE DISASTER IN CANADA’S NORTH THAT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT” “Of all the climate change issues that have been melodramatically dubbed a “carbon bomb” in recent years—tar sands projects in Alberta, catastrophic wildfires in Indonesia, holes in Australia’s seagrass meadows—it seems the thawing of permafrost in the Arctic is most likely to […]

Shawn Buckley’s Response to the Fifth Estate’s Vitamin and Supplements: Magic Pills Episode Dec 27/15

THE FIFTH ESTATE SHOW “MAGIC PILLS” HAS BEEN GENERATING SOME CONCERN AND SO I HAVE BEEN ASKED TO SHARE MY THOUGHTS ON THE PROGRAM For those who did not see the Program, it was largely based on a dated 2013 publication called DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products, published in […]

Halifax Professor Campaigns for Increased Access to Drug-safety Data Dec 23/15

BILL C-17 AMENDED TO ALLOW RELEASE OF “CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS INFORMATION” A Halifax professor is trying to shed new light on the safety and effectiveness of prescription drugs by kick-starting an international letter-writing campaign asking Health Canada to release data it now keeps confidential. Read the full article published in The Globe and Mail on Dec. […]