MedEffect New Zydelig Labels Website 500 x 500A recent Med-Effect notice (March 2016) from Health Canada titled: “International clinical trials, including trials in Canada, are being stopped due to serious adverse events with the drug Zydelig, in combination with other cancer drugs”, reveals that these serious events also included deaths. The company wouldn’t disclose how many died more recently, however, it said that they’re mostly related to infections.

The Zydelig drug maker Gilead Sciences had reported in 2014 that earlier clinical trials did have three deaths of patients on Zydelig. Other box label warnings on the FDA approved drug include side effects such as: “fatal and serious toxicities: hepatic, severe diarrhea, colitis, pneumonitis and intestinal perforation.” Yet, FDA had “accelerated approval” based on positive results of a Phase 2 study.

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At the time of this post, while the six latest international clinical trials for Zydelig are stopped, the drug is still on the market.

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