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No links to media that offer the truth. Virtually everything was an example of yellow journalism at its finest.

NHPPA is sharing a post from a Facebok page called, “Prayers for Ezekiel” on the day of sentencing, June 25, 2016. Visit, “Meet the Stephans” where you can learn more. David shares his personal message to everyone, and a remarkable thank you to Shawn Buckley. He writes, “I would love to begin by expressing my gratitude for our lawyer, Shawn Buckley. He has invested a great deal of time into serving Collet Stephan and I and ultimately helped to uncover so much hidden truth in regard to the passing of our son, Ezekiel. He is an upstanding human being that has been so gracious in the way that he has worked with us and has literally discounted hundreds of thousands of dollars off of our billing.”

There may be an opportunity for NHPPA to post something directly from Shawn in the future.