Anyone in Toronto see these? It was an unprecedented action for the veteran Canadian advocacy group. Amidst the latest wave of strong criticism against the anti-vaccine movement, they offered a valid counterpoint on “risk” in a mainstream ad space. In this February 26, 2019 article (2 minute read) from The Globe and Mail, “Anti-Vaccine Group Launches Billboard Campaign in Toronto,” we learn that Vaccine Choice Canada increased visibility about vaccine safety as a result of growing public concern. Their mandate is to empower families to make educated, voluntary and informed decisions about immunizations. “Unfortunately, the mainstream media can’t tell the difference between “anti-vaccine” and “vaccine risk aware,” says vice president Ted Kuntz. The messages in circulation were meant to raise questions and spur discussion about mandatory vaccinations. However, the ads have since been removed on grounds of being “dangerous” to the public. Despite the backlash, vaccine safety messaging is reaching a wider audience, thanks to both social media and organizations like Vaccine Choice Canada.