The End of Natural Health Products?
Good question. Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist, Brett Hawes interviews Shawn Buckley. The episode (76 minute listen) released on March 20, 2019 is part of Brett’s popular Holistic Health Masterclass podcast. Brett is a long time advocate and activist for the national natural health community. Together with NHPPA’s Julia Rickert, and two Toronto area nutritionists, he held the country’s largest rally opposing Health Canada’s actions after reading Shawn Buckley’s Discussion Paper on Bill C-51. Should every NHPPA writing incite that much drama!

This podcast examines the impacts of Health Canada’s plan to group natural health products under a single set of regulations with non-prescription chemical drugs. Brett expresses his concern through the lens of a nutritionist, articulating clearly that Health Canada’s Self-Care Framework would end in severe restrictions for nutritionists and other natural modalities in Canada. With limited access to natural health products including lower potency products with poor efficacy, stifled label claims, the inability to share information outside of label claims with clients, and monumental fines – Brett questions how he will continue practicing. If you’re a natural health practitioner, you should be asking the same questions.

Listen now. Get informed. Take action.