July 2019 Charter of Health Freedom Petition Count

Lemonade, letter opener, let’s go! The latest numbers are in. The count and the petition’s position in Canadian history is confirmed. We can tell you it was a banner day. But you need to hold out until the top of next week while we draft the full petition update and triple check for accuracy. Signatures have been coming in from big cities to small towns, private citizens to industry professionals, Victoria to Halifax. And all of them on paper!

The Charter of Health Freedom petition is not available as an electronic petition.

It started as a paper petition on September 4, 2008 and cannot be converted to one that you sign online. The Clerk of Petitions in Ottawa has let us know that there is no process to merge the Charter of Health Freedom petition, or any existing paper petition, with that of a new e-Petition. The revitalized energy around this pen-to-paper petition is inspiring!

The number of signatures and scale of national enthusiasm now provides ample evidence that a tremendous number of Canadians are engaged and concerned about this issue. Members of Parliament would be well advised to take note!

So far they are all English. Let’s get the official French and Chinese petitions on the board!