2 Days Left in MP Rebuttal Package 500 width


We emailed you a reminder last week and have received a number of responses. Clearly some of you are overwhelmed with work and personal challenges in your life, but we are grateful that you took the time to write to us and let us know you that are firm believers in NHPPA’s campaigns. What is most inspiring for us is that delivery notices have started to come in from those who took action. Thank you—we have momentum! We are excited to see more of you meet the challenge by this Friday, the campaign’s deadline.


If your MP Rebuttal package isn’t on the way yet, maybe your freedom fighting cape needs a little dusting off. These are the last two days (or perhaps this evening?) to get it back on. If you haven’t printed the package yet, please consider doing it soon so that it is sitting on your desk or kitchen table as a reminder that you are needed. We take notice of every person who participates in this effort. Everything you need to take action with in Step 2: The Charter to 308 MPs Campaign: MP Rebuttal Package is outlined on NHPPA’s website under active campaigns.

And send us proof of delivery! Even if it’s an email.

To personalize this campaign so that we can see our community working together, please consider taking a picture of yourself mailing the packages. NHPPA is pleased to see that a number of you have done this over the last week. You can’t know how much your political engagement serves as inspiration for us to carry on. Sending us proof means that we’ll know which MPs and ridings have received a package.


In the last campaign NHPPA staff filled in the gaps for those MPs who did not receive a package from one of their constituents. However, on the continuum of where the power sits with an MP in having the conversation and pressing the issues—it’s with you. The MP Rebuttal packages will not be as effective coming from NHPPA compared to the personalized package from an NHPPA subscriber in any given riding.

Your MP represents your electoral riding and as your elected official they must be sensitive to your views and take them seriously. Your MP is interested in having reliable sources on which to base his/her decisions, even if exchanges to have them understand your position takes time. If you want your views represented in the House of Commons, you must make sure your MP knows where you stand. They have an interest in listening to those who are willing to take the time to express their views, especially on an issue as important as your health. Personal communications from constituents have the most clout. This is why we are asking you to deliver the packages as a first option; mail as a second and email as the last. NHPPA will accept any one of those! If you are delivering in most instances, you will deal directly with the MP’s staff. The MP often relies heavily on them for their knowledge and expertise. Make an impact!

“There isn’t much Justice in this world. Perhaps that’s why it’s so satisfying — to occasionally make some.” ~ Martian Manhunter Justice League Taskforce