2011 Lecture Series Feb 16/11


NHPPA’s first health rights and freedom event of the year was sponsored as a joint initiative with SOS Canada.

2011 is Health Canada’s target year to move to into full compliance and enforcement of the Natural Health Product Regulations. It has taken regulators seven years to fully implement shifting standards that have been, since they came out January 1 2004, misguided and inappropriate for the natural health product industry.

Shawn Buckley’s keynote lecture sets the tone for 2011 as he describes the citizens’ rebellion and aggressive industry push back that must be set in motion right now, before 50% of what you see on health food store shelves will disappear. Mr. Buckley reaffirms the NHPPA’s original and uncompromising position, held since its inception: the 2004 Natural Health Products Regulations are an unmitigated disaster for the industry.

The overwhelming response to this new lecture series confirms what the NHPPA has maintained all along; the problems citizens and industry face will become progressively worse and will show no reprieve, and simply tighten, despite the ‘consultations’ Health Canada regulators have had with facilitating consumer and industry organizations. The NHPPA predicted that compliance with the NHP Regulations would lead to the erosion of our industry; we made seven predictions in 2009, all of which stakeholders are witnessing right now.

We invite all citizens and industry stakeholders to come to any upcoming 2011 keynote lectures. Hear Shawn Buckley explain the NHPPA’s 3 Part Plan, containing specific strategy and tactics essential for an immediate and necessary response to the dismantling of the natural health products industry in Canada. Mr. Buckley will tell you how to become involved, by participating in direct campaigns initiated by the NHPPA, to unify the nation’s voice of protest. You will hear why the NHPPA does not believe that the natural health community should settle for the bleak future Health Canada is offering. The NHPPA is calling on the entire natural health community to shake off the idea that complying will ensure a vibrant and growing future. Complying with these regulations will dismantle the NHP industry.

Mr. Buckley will speak of mounting a legal challenge, with research already under way, to declare the current NHP Regulations unconstitutional. He will also introduce the NHPPA’s proposed legislation that could end this regulatory crisis: The Charter of Health Freedom. A complete law with regulations appropriate to the industry, creating a 3rd category which would pull NHPs out from under regulations written for dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals. The NHPPA believes in constructive solutions, and the Charter is a long-term solution.

These keynote evenings create new local and community connections, produce new members of the308 Freedom Network and generate generous and enthusiastic sponsors for the vital work ahead.

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