3 Campaign Days Left, Message from Shawn May 29/13


If you haven’t printed the Charter package yet, do it today.

It can sit on your desk or kitchen table for a little while, as you consider a sentence or two to personalize your package. Then plan to take/mail/email it to your MP.

We know last week was about getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend, so we expected more activity from you this week. Delivery notices have starting to come in. They’re being posted on NHPPA’s Facebook page.

We are a little busy keeping up with the Facebook posts and listing the completed ridings so if you don’t get an individual reply, please know that we are delighted to receive your email, and thrilled you’ve got your freedom fighting cape on! As much as we want to stand together united, we’re going to encourage a little competition on this one. Check your riding. If there is no digit beside it, make it 1 with your personal delivery. While we don’t have a representative in every riding, but we have most. With over 1500 members of our email database and 2000 on our Facebook, surely we can pull off 308 deliveries!


You may have to take a self portrait, but it’ll be worth it! Phone photos are totally acceptable. Photos of the package are great, photos of you at your MPs are even better. If your package isn’t on the way yet, maybe the freedom fighting cape needs a little dusting off. These are the last few days to get it back on and you’re going to need it. We have more plans for your MP after we have your confirmation that they received the Charter of Health Freedom package. The information will keep on coming to them until it’s time to make the big ask… to give MPs the opportunity to represent your freedom to choose health and to present the petition to Parliament. Your MP can only represent you if you communicate your wishes.

Some of you have told us that you’ve sent packages to lots of MPs, that really is above and beyond the call of duty! When we say send the Charter to 308 MPs, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Your individual power lies with the one MP you are able to vote for, the one in your riding.


I spoke with team members managing the current Charter to 308 MPs Campaign and was excited to learn that there has been engagement by people becoming active. I found this really encouraging. When various groups and individuals came together for the two conferences which led to the drafting of the Charter, a lot of positive energy was put forward to come up with a solution which would enable people to make important health decisions, while at the same time allowing for reasonable regulation of natural remedies. What I like about the Charter is that it is a positive solution rather than a negative reaction. I am also excited that the Charter Petition is close to being the largest petition in 15 years.

I look forward to your emails and seeing your photos of the Charter being delivered.

It is you that will make the difference and I appreciate all of you for working towards this common goal.