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This time of year sees us preparing for one of the most important events in our health freedom calendar. The Total Health Show is one of Canada’s largest consumer events for the natural health community. It will be our 6th consecutive year attending. Our presence there helps us reach many new supporters year after year.

If you missed Shawn’s keynote lecture from 2013 on the Omnibus Bill and Canada’s New Food Safety Laws or have not seen the full review in pictures and print for our 2013 Total Health Show photo album.

If you click through to the full post below, you will also learn about our plans for Total Health 2014, which include;

The cost to attend the show is borne by a small group of dedicated industry stakeholders and active individuals who value the research, information, materials and support that we provide. They know, as we do, that our presence at events such as Total Health Show, and the funds necessary for Shawn to prepare a new presentation every year, are the most visible and effective ways for us to engage more citizens.

If you already support us on a regular basis, thank you. If you can help us with this event we would ask you to consider a one-time donation.