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Health Canada Consumer Survey on NHPs

Health Canada Consumer Survey on NHPs

Due to the format and bias that does not ask for positive feedback about Natural Health Products (NHPs), it appears to us that this specific survey is written to generate a case for Adverse Reaction Reporting and additional Label Requirements. Health Canada is seeking...

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Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Feb 14/20

Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Feb 14/20

Well, that took longer than expected! NHPPA updates the Charter of Health Freedom petition count two or three times a year. The momentum intensified so much at the end of 2019, that we were stunned by the incoming envelopes from across the country. THIS will be the...

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Thank You Barbara!

Thank You Barbara!

Harnessed power. Sustained passion. Consistent effort. This is how change happens. Barbara owns a little health food store on Quadra Island in BC, so she would be deeply affected by Health Canada’s proposed changes to the Self-Care Framework. Thankfully, she knows the...

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Our Drug Laws Need Reform. Go Social.

Our Drug Laws Need Reform. Go Social.

Go social. In 2019 you’ve seen us go on—and on—about Shawn Buckley’s appearance on Brett Hawes’ Holistic Health Masterclass podcast. Well, we aren't letting up yet. We want to make sure you don’t miss these important talking points that can help you structure your...

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