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Discussion Paper Release: Expensive Proposed Changes To Export-Import

“We will lose jobs and investment in Canada with no benefit to any Canadian.” Shawn Buckley states in his most recent Discussion Paper on expensive, recently-proposed changes to exporting and importing in Canada. Mr. Buckley concludes the proposed changes to export and import, which will be enforced by the Canada Border Services Agency, “are yet another move to eliminate small and medium sized businesses.” He deciphers the impacts of these proposed changes on the Canadian Natural Health Product (NHP) industry and Canadians’ access to NHPs. He illuminates Health Canada’s double-talk regarding licensing, importing, and other regulatory fees.


Thank You Philip and Mary Jane!

“Signatures were collected” and a “Thank you for all your help” with a hand-drawn heart no less! Reflection. Inspiration. Perspective. We’re looking back, before moving forward. These little notes are from two years ago at the height of the successful “Do You Want My Vote” national postcard campaign. During recent weeks, to output a few updates, the NHPPA team reassembled into our virtual “office”. A significant piece of material will be released early next week that small and mid sized producers of NHPs will want to read.


Update: Health Canada’s Self-Care Framework, A Signal To Act


Years ago, after Health Canada first proposed the Self-Care Framework, Shawn Buckley’s analyses began helping Canadians understand its far-reaching anticipated impacts on both cost and availability of natural health products (NHPs). In short, the Self-Care Framework is a set of planned changes to the regulation of NHPs in Canada, intended to harmonize natural health products (NHPs), non-prescription chemical drugs and cosmetics under a single set of regulations. In a brief summary, recently compiled by Mr. Buckley, he abridges the revised time line Health Canada published for the full implementation of the Self-Care Framework. NHPPA urges everyone who values the accessibility of NHPs and freedom of choice in healthcare to educate yourselves on the upcoming changes and prepare to take action to contest them!


A Message: Time To Show Resilience

“Censorship is not consistent with a liberal democracy. Censorship does not help citizens make informed choices. Censorship makes some of us suspicious of our institutions, which may or may not be warranted. Censorship can make us suspicious of each other”, Shawn Buckley writes in a concise and convincing discussion paper written April 12, 2021. In the paper, he distills his observations from the unprecedented year that 2020 was – with themes ranging from censorship and government to fear and resilience. If you are following NHPPA, it is safe to assume that freedom of choice is an important value you hold. We believe that extends to freedom of thought. Although we are currently being bombarded with a seemingly unending stream of alarmist media stories and government policies, Mr. Buckley urges us to focus on our own resilience and “refrain from being part of a mob.”


Shawn Buckley April 2021 Deleted Interview with ThatChannel — Six Quotes Are All That Remain

Canada’s current drug approval process is an expensive fraud. And yet, Health Canada plans to move forward with applying this approval process to natural health products. On April 10, 2021, ThatChannel’s Hugh Reilly and Ivy Reiss interviewed Shawn Buckley regarding the history of Health Canada’s drug approval process, the persecution of natural health products and traditional medicines, and upcoming changes to the Self-Care Framework. The three discuss, with undeniable acumen, the actual function of Health Canada – which may not be what you think!

During a candid moment, while speaking about his experience in legal proceedings with Health Canada, Shawn says, “In my opinion, I would say that our drug laws are not there for good health outcomes, they’re there to protect intellectual property rights… which means they’re there to protect money.”

This is a video interview that we wanted to share with those who are motivated to understand what changes are coming to the Self-Care Framework this year, and how they threaten access to natural health products.

The trouble is—this video interview no longer exists.