Threats to the Natural Health Products Industry

The Immediate Threat The immediate threat facing the Natural Health Product industry is the implementation of the drug-style Natural Health Product Regulations. The NHPPA is concerned that the industry is: being subjected to drug-style regulations that are too onerous for the risk profile presented by Natural Health Products; open to arbitrary attacks by the regulatory […]

Regulatory Goals

The NHPPA is seeking to bring about a long-term solution to the current regulatory threat. The NHPPA is concerned that if the industry pursues a solution that is only short-term, that the industry could exhaust itself seeking a short-term solution and then find itself under regulatory threat in a couple of years time. For example, […]

Product License Failure Rate

Is the Product License Failure Rate Over 60% ? It is difficult to verify the actual numbers as the NHPD publications concerning the status of submissions are not clear. For example, from the last publication covering the period from November 2006 to November 2007 we learn that there were 11,302 product license applications processed. Of […]