Harper’s 2004 Health Care Reform Platform: What Happened? Mar 31/11

WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE WROTE THIS IN 2004? ‘Canadians voluntarily spent $1.6 billion on natural health products to promote personal health. Yet Health Canada continues to remove effective Natural Health Products from the marketplace and shut down research into Natural Health Products because they are regulated under drug-style rather than food-style regulatory regime. Natural Health […]

Health Action Network Magazine: Federal Double Standard Mar 30/11

Just published, Shawn Buckley’s latest response to the actions of Health Canada. He asks “If we cannot harm people without legal consequences, why are Health Canada employees allowed to?” “We, the citizens, are criminally liable for taking essential treatments away. Persons in the health field are ­criminally liable for taking essential treatments away. Should Health […]

Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Mar 25/11

Since the launch of the Charter of Health Freedom on September 10 2008, the NHPPA has been receiving petitions from across Canada. 3 million signatures is the NHPPA’s goal. And we’re confident that this number is achievable because of concerned Canadians like you. As of Friday, March 25 2011, the NHPPA has 67 576 petition signatures. Here’s how you can make […]

Pembina Valley Online: Dozens Attend Awareness Meeting Mar 11/11

Chris Sumner reviews Shawn’s 2011 keynote lecture, including some fascinating audio clips; Winkler, MB “Buckley tells us the Association has developed a three pronged approach to changing the regulations; asking the Federal government to suspend the current regulations, launch a legal challenge to declare the natural health product regulations unconstitutional, and encourage the Federal government […]

SEE Magazine: Painful Federal Red Tape Mar 10/11

Lifestyle writer Roberta Shepherd interviews John Biggs regarding the effects of the NHP Regulations; Edmonton AB “Since 2004, many manufacturers of NHPs have pursued long, costly application processes to gain approval for their products that have resulted in rejection. Several manufacturers, especially those whose products are imported from other countries, have opted to pull their […]