News Talk Radio, CJBK 1290AM: Shawn Buckley – Who is Health Canada Really Protecting? July 28/11

Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen interview Shawn Buckley London, ON News Talk Radio. Shawn Buckley from the Natural Health Products Protection Association talks about the over-regulation of Natural Health Products in Canada. Shawn asks “Does it make you feel safe that the government can seize your property without a warrant and that we are being […]

Lisa Live Radio: Shawn Buckley on Protecting Our Rights to Natural Health Products July 9/11

Shawn spoke with Lisa Petty, 820CHAM’s Lisa Live host. Hamilton, ON. On Saturday, July 9th 2011 Shawn explains to Lisa court room evidence Health Canada ignores: “I can’t use those in court, [letters to a manufacturer from a customer] that is pure hearsay evidence, not admissible at all. But, I can call the people who […]