Vitality Magazine: Re-Occupy Your Body Article by Helke Ferrie Dec 29/11

Helke Ferrie includes the Charter of Health Freedom as she surveys the citizens’ revolt against corporate control of our healthcare and food supply Vitality Magazine In a wide-ranging and knowlegable survey of the way the worldwide Occupy movement is resonating within individuals Helke Ferrie’s article in January’s Vitality magazine is more than just a wake-up […]

Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA at Michael Schmidt’s sentencing Nov 25/11

RAW MILK BATTLE RESONATES WITH NHPPA’S VISION OF FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. INSPIRED RESISTANCE TO NHP REGULATIONS CONTINUES. Shawn and number of NHPPA’s team were fortunate enough to be in Toronto, Ontario to support Michael and his lawyer Karen Selick from The Canadian Constitution Foundation. The sentencing took place at the Ontario Superior Court in Newmarket, […]