Food or drug? Nov 19/13

According to the FDA, a food should be classed as a drug if it’s making scientific health claims on it’s packaging. This has happened to manufacturers of pomegranate juice, green tea and notably, walnuts. Diamond Nuts made several health claims on their packaging that were backed by peer reviewed scientific research. They were then told […]

Shawn & Genevieve’s New Article in Alive Magazine: Why Can’t We Claim Natural Health Products? Nov 19/13

WHY CAN’T WE CLAIM NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS? ASSESSING THE REGULATION AND TAXATION OF NHPs, BY SHAWN BUCKLEY AND GENEVIEVE ELIANY Pam was in a financial crisis. While her son was taking prescription drugs, her medical plan covered the cost. When her son reacted to the drugs and the doctor began using natural health products (NHPs), […]

Shawn Buckley’s Comment on Vega’s Response to Health Canada’s Recall Request Nov 5/13

Vega is not recalling two of their products despite Health Canada deeming them a “potentially serious risk” to Canadians. Here’s what Shawn Buckley has to say about their stand: “I have read Health Canada’s advisory on the Vega products and have watched Vega’s Public Response to Health Canada’s Advisory. Assuming that the information Vega has put […]