Tools for Change: Five Things I Wish I Knew When I First Became Politically Active Mar 26/14

“Campaigns don’t win through the execution of one tactic, but through the implementation of many tactics that usually follow a certain order.  Social change rarely happens through one tactic alone but it can happen when you launch a political campaign.” The NHPPA regularly hears questions such as, “Why is it taking so long to change […]

Shawn Buckley’s Total Health 2014 Keynote Lecture: CETA, Natural Health Products & Bill C-17 Mar 19/14

  Much has happened, and is changing, since last year, both here in Canada and internationally. Shawn has taken some time to put together yet another new Total Health Show presentation for his keynote lecture of 2014. Shawn will be speaking in Room 205 at Toronto’s Convention Centre on Saturday April 5th and Sunday April 6th from 5:00 PM […]

“Herbalists and Regulation: A Double-Edged Sword” by Richard DeSylva RH DNM Mar 12/14

HERBALISTS AND REGULATION: A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD The regulation of herbalists is a hot topic across the Pond right now, with the UK looking warily to the European Union and wondering if and when EU-type regulation will spread.  Dr. Robert Verkerk, friend and ally of NHPPA, recently wrote a piece for his organization’s weekly e-Alert: Crunch Time […]

Helke Ferrie’s “Creative Outrage” Will Give You the Courage to Use Your Own Reason Mar 5/14

A POWERFUL FREE TOOL FOR NHPPA SUBSCRIBERS Helke Ferrie is one of the Canadian health freedom community’s most vocal and articulate mentors. For over a decade her publishing company, Kos Publishing, has produced groundbreaking texts for our industry including; Corrupt to the Core – Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower by Shiv Chopra, Ending Denial – The Lyme Disease Epidemic A Canadian […]