Shawn Buckley’s 2014 Keynote Lecture Now Available Online Apr 30/14

MOVING OUT OF THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE AND INTO THE STORM A lot has changed since Shawn’s last presentation at Total Health 2013. Not only is Health Canada in the throes of full enforcement of the NHP Regulations; recent months have seen the introduction of Bill C-17 (“Vanessa’s Law”) as well as media reports, carrying few actual details, about CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). Shawn asks […]

CBC’s Report on the Cochrane Collaboration Analysis of Tamiflu Clinical Trials Apr 18/14

  NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD HAVE SPENT BILLIONS STOCKPILING ANTIVIRAL DRUGS. CANADA ALONE SPENT ALMOST $200 MILLION. These decisions were made without access to approximately half of the clinical data available to the manufacturers. In a report titled Tamiflu’s effectiveness questioned CBC’s The National covers an independent analysis of reports on antiviral drugs which have […]

Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update, Total Health Show Report and Photo Gallery Apr 16/14

C CHARTER OF HEALTH FREEDOM PETITION UPDATE The Charter petition topped 93,000 signatures by lunchtime on Saturday April 5—the second day of the Total Health show. By the end of the weekend, we had reached 93,236. We need only 2829 more signatures to become equal to the largest Federal petition to be delivered to Parliament, […]

GlaxoSmithKline faces bribery allegations in Poland Apr 15/14

FORMER GSK SALES REPRESENTATIVE TELLS BBC’S PANORAMA THAT DOCTORS WERE PAID TO BOOST PRESCRIPTIONS. The UK-based drug company, which has faced claims of corruption in China and Iraq, has been accused over its alleged behaviour in Poland. READ THE STORY HERE. Last year, a July 2013 CBC headline read: GlaxoSmithKline pledges reform after China bribery scandal.

New Article in Vitality Magazine: Illegal Remedies Exploring the Federal Prejudice Against NHPs Apr 9/14

  SHAWN BUCKLEY’S ARTICLE IN APRIL’S EDITION OF VITALITY MAGAZINE IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE Shawn’s keynote topics for 2014 include CETA, Bill C-17 and our diminishing access to impartial courts. “The store shelves are full, but are things truly rosy? If you depend on a product that is no longer available, or if you depend […]

93,000 Petition Signatures Reached at Total Health Show 2014 |Apr 6/14

THE CHARTER OF HEALTH FREEDOM REACHES A RECORD NUMBER OF SIGNATURES IN SUPPORT OF A NEW LAW FOR NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS. Antonio Mendonça, Producer of the Total Health Show just Tweeted: @NHPPA reaches 93000 record signatures on Federal Petition @totalhealthshow now Canada’s largest in 15 years!!! Antonio Tweets again: Need 3000 more signatures @totalhealthshow […]