Pre-Market Approval of Dietary Supplements: The Canadian Story Sep 17/14

WHAT IF THE FDA ADOPTED HEALTH CANADA’S REGULATORY MODEL FOR NHPS?  The Alliance for Natural Health (USA) recently published an article by NHPPA’s Shawn Buckley, where he gives a clear picture of the main differences between Health Canada and the FDA’s current regulatory systems for Natural Health Products (NHPs). You’ll be enlightened (and perhaps enraged) about […]

Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth More than a $49 Billion ‘Cure’? – Time for Government to Wake Up Sep 17/14

THANK YOU FOR THE KUDOS, VITALITY MAGAZINE! (TORONTO, ON)  Editor-in-chief Julia Woodford gave NHPPA online optics after her brilliant rant on healthcare budgets, food, drugs and a not to be missed quote by Dr. Zoltan Rona on Health Canada’s latest bans. Read the full article commentary:

End Secrecy Around Prescription Drugs: Toronto Star Editorial Sep 11/14

HEALTH CANADA NEEDS TO CLEAN UP ITS SHAMEFUL CULT OF INSTITUTIONAL SECRECY AND MAKE FINDINGS PUBLIC AS THE AMERICAN FOOD AND DRUG AGENCY DOES.  “Some Canadian pharmaceutical companies have sold drugs they knew were defective — putting patients at possible risk. Others have hidden, altered and in some cases destroyed test data that showed their […]

What Happens When a Comedian, Political Satirist and Actor Comments on NHPs Sept 3/14

JOHN OLIVER, HOST OF THE AMERICAN LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW ‘LAST WEEK TONIGHT’, MIGHT NEED A FEW EMAILS FROM NHPPA SUBSCRIBERS.  Aired at the end of June 2014, what started out as a critique on Dr. Oz’s choice of words describing the efficacy of a particular supplement, deteriorated into a misguided attack on Natural Health Products (NHPs). […]