Natural Health Advocate Letter to CBC producer Lisa Ellenwood (The Fifth Estate) Sep 26/15

ON JULY 22, 2015 NHPPA FOUND THIS FACEBOOK PAGE POST, “THE FIFTH ESTATE WANTS TO TALK TO CANADIANS WHO HAVE HAD A SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTION TO A NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCT.” The ask elicited comments from activists we recognized. This piece has been circulating throughout the natural health community and it’s worth the read if you’ve […]

The Toronto Star Reports, “What You Haven’t Been Told About Acetaminophen” Sep 17/15

HEALTH CANADA AND THE MAKERS OF TYLENOL KNOW HOW MANY CANADIANS DIE EVERY YEAR FROM ACETAMINOPHEN, CANADA’S MOST COMMONLY USED PAINKILLER.  0 recorded deaths from Natural Health Products despite rather strict adverse reaction reporting since 1965. 68 recorded deaths, on average, every year, from a variety of over-the-counter products containing acetaminophen. Natural Health Products are […]

The Fifth Estate’s CALLOUT and Recent “Serious Adverse Reaction to an NHP” Facebook Post Sep 16/15

One of our members brought the following Sep 1, 2015 The Fifth Estate (CBC) Facebook post to our attention yesterday. If it’s still open, you may want to consider contacting Anita Elash at Read this post first and proceed with caution. “CALLOUT (please share): We are looking for families in the GTA who use […]