Total Health Show 2016 + Shawn Buckley’s Censorship Lecture and Compendium Mar 31/16

  The NHPPA will be at the Total Health Show again this year!  As ever, the focus of our work shifts with the pressing political and legal changes, and Shawn’s planned keynote presentation reflected these moves. The politics have been getting ever more personal for individuals fighting for food rights and in the case of two of his […]

Raw Milk Perspectives Mar 30/16

TVO’s THE AGENDA 14-MINUTE DOCUMENTARY AND ORIGINAL LECTURES (3-PART SERIES) FROM ONTARIO RAW MILK SYMPOSIUM JAN 30/16 “Raw milk“, is a new 14-minute documentary on TVO’s, The Agenda. Critical thinkers will like this one. Interesting to discover yet another reason for the antagonistic position taken by scientists and academics opposing raw milk in Canada. They […]

“Nothing To Hide?” Mar 25/16

“STUDY REVEALS THE CHILLING EFFECT OF ONLINE SURVEILLANCE” Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) wrote: “When individuals perceive they are being monitored, they readily conform their behaviour—expressing opinions when they are in the majority, and suppressing them when they’re not.” In this recent CJFE article by Alixandra Buck, “Nothing to hide? Study reveals the chilling […]

Natural Thyroid Medications at Risk Mar 25/16

FDA THREATENS ACCESS TO COMPOUNDED NATURAL MEDICATIONS A recent ANH-US article highlights many of the differences between synthetic drugs and natural compounded medications for hypothyroidism. It was prompted by the threat of the FDA to restrict or eliminate natural compounded formulas. For many, these compounded natural formulas, are far more effective as they work on […]

Flesh-eating Bacteria: Vibro Vulnificus In Florida Ocean Hospitalizes 32, Kills 10 Mar 23/16

SHOULD HEALTH CANADA BE BANNING CANADIANS’ TRAVEL TO FLORIDA? In this ABC Action News segment from June 15, 2015, they warn the public of the risks from this ocean area’s salt water exposure, the possibility of contracting an infection from this rare bacteria, and the potential deadly consequences. The risk of death is considerably higher […]