Charter of Health Freedom Petition Count Update Apr 13/16

THE LATEST NUMBER OF CANADIANS SUPPORTING THE CHARTER OF HEALTH FREEDOM BY SIGNING ITS PETITION IN A SHOW OF SOLIDARITY STANDS AT 95,129.  We hit 95,000 signatures at the Total Health Show this past weekend! We collected more signatures, from people *just* finding out about Health Canada’s inappropriate drug-style regulations for Natural Health Products, than […]

Can You Take A Picture? Apr 13/16

A LOOK AT YOUR RIGHT TO PHOTOGRAPH IN CANADA Scott Olson, a photographer for Getty Images, was arrested while covering protests in Ferguson, Missouri, in mid-August. Police shoved him into the back of a police van; he was later released. Olson’s crime, apparently, was that he was taking photos across the street from a designated “media area” […]

Repost of Shawn’s Censorship Lecture at Total Health Show 2015 + Online Censorship Compendium Apr 10/16

GOVERNMENT DELIBERATELY HIDES TRUTH IN ORDER TO CONTROL US AND DOES SO THROUGH THE IDEA OF “SAFETY”.  NHPPA’s  at this year’s Total Health Show is protecting your basic food rights with Canadian raw milk advocate and freedom of choice icon, Michael Schmidt! Michael is one of NHPPA’s heroes, yet we miss Shawn! We have censorship […]

Total Health Show 2016 NHPPA Show Report and Photo Gallery Apr 10/16

BIG RESPONSE TO NHPPA’S WORK AT THE TOTAL HEALTH SHOW IN 2016. Since Shawn was unable to attend (he was defending David and Collett Stephan), we had the pleasure of hosting, as our “surrogate” Shawn, well-respected and recognized dairy farmer-activist, Michael Schmidt. Shawn was to speak on topics that Michael was involved in, which made Michael a […]

Canadian Civil Liberties Association: Ontario’s Highest Court Certifies G20 Class Action Apr 7/16

ONTARIO COURT OF APPEAL DECISION Nearly six years after the rights violations of the Toronto G20 Summit, the Ontario Court of Appeal has delivered a critical decision allowing individuals who were detained and arrested to pursue a class action. CCLA, which intervened in the case, believes this decision marks a milestone for access to justice […]