The Noose Tightens: Health Canada’s Powers are Dramatically Expanded by the Wookey Decision Sep 6/16

MANY OF US ARE AWARE THAT HEALTH CANADA’S POWERS HAVE BEEN GRADUALLY EXPANDING THROUGH LEGISLATIVE CHANGES.   For example, many of the broad powers that created concern years ago with Bill C-51 are now law in the Food and Drugs Act.  The only saving grace is that they do not yet apply to natural health products […]

In Looking for ‘Zebra,’ Doctors are Stumped by Toddler’s Painful Legs, Rash and Bleeding Gums Sep 5/16

“WE WERE ALL REALLY, REALLY SHOCKED,” RECALLED HAFEZ, 32, LEAD AUTHOR OF A REPORT ABOUT THE CASE IN A RECENT EDITION OF THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. “No one involved had even seen this before.” From emergency room to a large children’s hospital where a medical team labelled the boy as a “zebra”–slang for […]