Sheep-Napping Charges Against Robert Pinnell Dropped; Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones in Court Nov. 21-23 Oct 12/16

CHARGES DROPPED AFTER NEARLY FOUR YEARS IN COURT, 12,000 PAGES OF DISCLOSURE AND HAVING CONFESSED TO TRANSPORTING SHEEP. PHOTO – THAT’S WHAT 1,403 DAYS OF BEARD GROWTH LOOKS LIKE ON FORMER ACCUSED ROBERT PINNELL. “It has been 1403 days since my adventure with the legal system started. Today in the Superior court in Newmarket all […]

Health Canada to Change Standards for Natural Health Products Sep 10/16

… and so the noose tightened. See Health Canada’s website for details. “Health Canada is planning to dramatically overhaul the regulation of natural health products to address mounting concerns over the proliferation of misleading and unproven claims on product labels. Currently, natural health products are regulated in a manner similar to drugs – manufacturers must apply […]