Shawn Buckley’s article: “Freedom of Choice Threatened – Again.” Dec 10/16

Published last week. Shawn Buckley’s latest article in the December/January issue of Vitality, “Freedom of Choice Threatened – Again. Health Canada moves to put Natural Remedies in Checkmate” “Currently Health Canada is signalling that they want to change how natural remedies are regulated. These changes may signal the endgame for any practitioner or company that […]

Fox Jones on the Dismissed Sheep-Napping Case Nov 30/16

LEFT TO RIGHT: MONTANA JONES, MURDOCH SHROPSHIRE, MICHAEL SCHMIDT, KAREN SELICK, GENEVIÈVE ELIANY, ROBERT PINNELL AND SHAWN BUCKLEY. Fox Jones on the dismissed sheep-napping case: “Montana Jones & Michael Schmidt were granted a stay of proceedings today, in response to an 11(b) delay argument filed by the defence. It’s a bittersweet victory for the two, […]