Have You Ever Wondered Why Labels on Supplements are So Vague? Mar 24/17

This November 27, 2016 article by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and Dr. Julia Rucklidge, “Have You Ever Wondered Why Labels on Supplements are So Vague?”, published by Mad In America shines light on the worldwide trend by governments and Big Pharma to intentionally suppress information making it harder for consumers to make educated decisions on how […]

“Calls for Ibuprofen Sale Restrictions after Study Finds Cardiac Arrest Risk” The Guardian Mar 17/17

ABC The Guardian’s [UK] March 15, 2017 article, “Calls for ibuprofen sale restrictions after study finds cardiac arrest risk”, by Matthew Weaver draws attention to a recent study from Denmark which revealed a 31% increased risk of cardiac arrest from the use of ibuprofen and an even greater risk from the use of other over-the-counter […]

“How To Survive Western Medicine” Vitality Magazine March 2017 Article Mar 11/17

NUTRIENT HIJACKING DRUGS. This is an informative and eye-opening article from the March 2017 issue of Vitality Magazine, “How to Survive Western Medicine”, by Dr. Zoltan Rona in which he discusses nutrient depletion brought on by commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications. If you visit your family doctor for any particular health concern, chances are you will […]