Industry Perspectives, Health Canada “Self-Care” Consultation Recording + Slides May 30/17

This provocative April 29, 2017 article published by Citizens for Choice in Health Care (CCHC), “What Health Canada Won’t Tell You About their NHP Proposals…But You Should Tell Your MP”, sheds light on the hidden agenda for proposed new “modernization” of Health Canada’s regulations on natural health products and encourages Canadians to speak up and […]

March Against Monsanto | May 20, 2017 Worldwide Keep GMOs Out of Your Genes May 12/17

Hundreds of thousands of the concerned citizens will hit the streets May 20, 2017 for the 6th international March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. Most NHPPA supporters are as active with the GMO issue, and other worthy missions, as they are with their actions to help protect access to Natural Health Products.  This is a reminder […]