Erin Brockovich Comments on Canada Food Inspection Agency Glyphosate Residue Testing Report

On April 13, 2017, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released a report (4 minute read), “Safeguarding with Science – Glyphosate Testing in 2015-2016”, providing the results of their two-year analysis of 3188 foods for glyphosate residue based on their approved Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). According to CFIA’s data, 29.7% of the food tested contained […]

“Ontario to Force Pharmaceutical Companies to Disclose Payments to Doctors”, Globe and Mail

This September 27, 2017 article (5 minute read) by Kelly Grant of the Globe and Mail, “Ontario to force pharmaceutical companies to disclose payments to doctors”, reports on a new piece of proposed legislation for Ontario. The law, a first in Canada, will require mandatory disclosure of payments made to a number of regulated health professions […]

“Health Canada ‘Gutting’ Law to Detect Dangerous Medicines, with Possible Deadly Consequences, Advocates Warn”, Global News

This August 18, 2017 Global News article (6 minute read), “Health Canada ‘gutting’ law to detect dangerous medicines, with possible deadly consequences, advocates warn”, by Amy Minsky, reveals the slow implementation and eventual disagreeable revision of Vanessa’s Law, a Bill that was passed in November 2014. The law was spearheaded by then-Conservative MP Terence Young, […]

Request for Reconnaissance | Monitor the Canada Gazette for Notice of New NHP Regulations Sep 18/17

REQUEST FOR RECONNAISSANCE NHPPA spoke directly to a senior policy advisor at Health Canada on August 18, 2017. We asked about the public consultation meetings and where the proposed “modernization” of self-care products regulations were at. What we learned may or may not be absolute. Things, as in many cases previous, change. Either way it’s […]

“The First Follower: Lessons from a Dancing Guy”, Derek Sivers Sep 15/17

Being a follower has negative connotations. Terms like “sheeple” are often used. This video “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy” (3 minute watch), published February 11, 2010 by American entrepreneur Derek Sivers flips the standard pejorative. He illustrates a natural emergence and NHPPA shares his views. It’s the followers who are the ones […]

“Whistleblower scientist not entitled to get his job back, court rules”, CBC News Sep 6/17

Sharing from Shiv Chopra’s personal page September 7, 2017 after his appeal was denied in court yesterday, “A shameful judgement. Three women judges. Not one asked the cause of my insubordination to senior management. Not one asked why I refused to pass unsafe drugs going into the nation’s food supply. They implicitly blamed me for […]

Federal Court Hearing September 6, 2017 | Final Decision in Dr. Shiv Chopra’s Dismissal Appeal Sep 5/17

3 hours. 3 judges. 1 decision. Tomorrow, on September 6, 2017, Dr. Shiv Chopra will make his final court appearance seeking reinstatement of his job as a regulator with the Bureau of Veterinary Drugs at Health Canada. The hearing will take place at 9:30 a.m. in the Federal Court of Appeal (Docket A-404-16), Thomas D’Arcy […]

“Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccinations While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists”, World Mercury Project Sept 1/17

The new age of social and medical experiment. This August 29, 2017 World Mercury Project article, “Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccinations While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists”, written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (11 minute read), exposes the laws in France and Italy requiring mandatory vaccination in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code (1947). NHPPA advocates for […]