“Health Canada Knew of Massive Gaps in First Nations Child Health Care, Documents Show”, CBC

This October 25, 2017 CBC article (7 minute read), “Health Canada knew of massive gaps in First Nations child health care, documents show”, reveals a January 2016 Human Rights Tribunal ruling which found that Health Canada knowingly discriminated against the health care needs of First Nations children despite a unanimous 2007 decision of Parliament to […]

Investigative Fact or Bias? | A User’s Guide to Cheating Death

On October 12, 2017 VisionTV published an interview (4 minute read), with Canadian lawyer, health law professor, writer and “debunker-extraordinaire” Timothy Caulfield about his new 6-part documentary series titled “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death”. The interview titled “Tim Talks Natural Remedies and Foods”, touches on why Mr. Caulfield chose to address natural foods and […]

“More Canadians Petitioning the Government About Fear of Cell Phone Radiation”

In this October 4, 2017 National Post article (3.5 minute read), “More Canadians petitioning the government about fear of cell phone radiation”, political journalist Maura Forrest doubts the growing concerns of Canadians about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Ms. Forrest begins, “If petitions are any indication, a growing number of Canadians are very concerned about […]

“Why Don’t People Revolt”, a Short Film by Theory and Practice

This short film (5:21 minute watch), “Why Don’t People Revolt”, by Theory and Practice, a UK-based independent political awareness project, breaks down the three core reasons why people accept their “lot in life” and don’t revolt; incentives and disincentives, a lack of real alternatives and false consciousness. Three (of many) powerful quotes from the video […]

Disrupting a Child’s Education | Obstacles to Parents’ Constitutional Rights to Refuse Vaccination

This September 28, 2017 CBC News article (3 minute read), “659 elementary school students in Windsor area suspended for incomplete immunization records”, reports on the Ontario mandate to temporarily suspend students if their immunization records are not up to set standards. For those who are concerned with the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada, […]

MedEffect e-Notice from Health Canada | Cardiovascular Events vs Amputation

A recent Health Canada MedEffect Notice, dated September 6, 2017, “INVOKANA® (canagliflozin) and INVOKAMET® (canagliflozin and metformin) – Risk of Lower Limb Amputation” reveals the results of a long-term study. It shows that individuals being treated for Type 2 Diabetes by either drug face a doubled risk of lower limb amputation compared to those who […]